June 5, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group projects: Residenze Tizana R13, Milan (Italy)

A few minutes from the centre of Milan and with easy access to all kind of services and   facilities, Residenze Tizana –R13 stands, a residential project becoming a part of the main renovation projects taking place in the Italian city. Located in Castellmmare Street, the apartments have wonderful views of one of the main parks in the city, with an area of 200.000 square metres.

It is both a modern and innovative design where the user’s comfort, the contact with the environment and energy saving are a must. That is the reason why a ventilated façade by Butech has been used. It is about 5.000 square metres and it has been tiled with the Ston- ker® porcelain stone by Porcelanosa, providing the building with energy efficiency.

The Edilvit building company and Teknoarch SRL + Euromilano SPA and MCL Engineering SRL Design Studios are in charge of this innovative project. It consists of two buildings volumetrically similar and of the same height accomodating a total amount of 102 houses ranging from one to four rooms and from 57 and 173 square metres. All of them have been equipped with top quality materials and the most advanced technology with regard to a ‘green’ building, what has led Residenze Tizana – R13 to achieving the result of A category, in other words, the top certificate as far as low energy consumption is concerned.

With the aim of enhancing the beauty of the building and in order to offer a sustainable solution for the apartments, the people in charge of the project put their trust in  Butech technicians, who thought over and developed the installation of a ventilated façade system, which is tiled with the Ston-ker® India Pulpis ceramic stone by Porcelanosa in a 59,6×120 cm format. This building system works as an acoustic and thermal insulation, preserving the houses from the heat in summer and the cold in winter, thus resulting in an air conditioning saving for users.

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