October 7, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: PositronMed, the first facade from KRION® in Chile

PORCELANOSA Group installs the first façade from the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral in Chile at the new nuclear oncological research clinic, Positron Med, located in Santiago, Chile.

The Prado Tuset Architects studio has been commissioned to convert this building, originally designed for housing and then later used as a restaurant, it is a clinic that houses the highest technology in the early prevention of tumours. The head of it is the renowned Chilean surgeon and one of the creators of the Institute of Radiation Medicine in Chile (IRAM), Dr. Horacio Amaral.

The building’s facade has been coated with the KRION® Solid Surface cutting-edge acrylic stone. Work performed by the processing company from KRION® in the city, William Denham of Diametre.

Outdoors, the building has its two-sided facade with a curved area that pays homage to the concept of all things organic and to life itself. After all, it is the main attraction of the work done at the clinic. The colour chosen for the exterior is white, namely the Snow White 1100, combined with an Extreme Light 4102 strip, the star colour from the translucent lighting range. White, the colour, can present an image of neatness and light that is very much appropriate to a clinic with these characteristics.

Regarding the indoors, the compact mineral is a part of most areas in the clinic, divided into two floors. Specifically, at the reception, countertops, procedure room and working areas. In these areas, white harmonizes with blue, which together, infuse a sense of both calmness and confidence throughout.

KRION® is the ideal material for this project since it is very tough, homogeneous, easy to both clean and repair, and it is an antibacterial product.

Also, the installation of KRION® has been done to get completely unnoticeable joints, providing a monolithic and continuous neatness feeling.

The final result is a technological, contemporary and harmonious building in which the outdoor and indoor spaces are in perfect harmony, conveying the values and principles of the clinic.

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