January 24, 2018 | Updated: December 14, 2018


Porcelanosa Group Projects: PAR-KER ceramic parquet on the Curtain Club Hotel facade in London

Shoreditch today is one of the nicest neighbourhoods in London. A place full of spaces with live music, cafes and restaurants which offer modernity and creativity. Its streets show a marked aesthetic with industrial style buildings full of incredible drawings and colours, which is the result of the emerging street art.

There we can find the Curtain Club Hotel. A building that has recently been refurbished, and furthermore, it has banked on materials from the PORCELANOSA Group for the upper part of the facade.

The Dexter Moren Associates architecture studio has opted for the firm’s products to create a contemporary outdoor wall tile which does not break with the underground aesthetics of the adjoining 19th century warehouse buildings.

PAR-KER ceramic parquet on facades

The chosen material has been the PAR-KER Oxford anthracite ceramic parquet by Porcelanosa. A porcelain tile especially suited to outdoor spaces, thanks to its durability and resistance. This model stands out because of the exquisite recreation of: the veining, the texture and the colour of the natural wood, which bring sophistication and character to the member club’s terrace area which is located on top of the hotel.

The placing has been done with a ventilated facade system with hidden clips, designed by Butech, which offers a cleaner finish and enhances the natural aesthetics. As well as that, anL-shaped profile stuck on with a polyurethane adhesive has been included to increase the resistance from any type of impact.

In this way, a facade has been done which meets the architect’s highest expectations, with a natural look that blends in perfectly with the adjacent buildings, enhancing the building's isolation, and at the same time, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance, thanks to its ceramic composition. Two essential requirements in a project of these characteristics, in a city with the high level of noise that London has.

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