January 15, 2021


A review of the history of architecture in New York, with Rogers Partners and PORCELANOSA

The renowned American architecture studio has updated the building's façade with porcelain tiles from the brand's Premium range.

Built in 1912 when the New York skyline was beginning to grow ever higher with skyscrapers, the 14-dwelling residential building located on 221 West 17th Street in Chelsea (Manhattan) has undergone a transformation of its original façade, with the addition of porcelain tiles by PORCELANOSA

Rogers Partners studio led the renovation - their team of professionals studiously reviewed the architecture and decided on installing black porcelain tiles by PORCELANOSA, to emphasise the structure that incorporates superimposed volumes that break through the urban hegemony of its surroundings.

From 20th-century bricks to 21st-century porcelain

Rogers Partners preserved the original structure of the façade whilst adding a more modern look with porcelain cladding by PORCELANOSA. Spanning over 1,300 metres, the porcelain tiles contrast with the iron windows, extending to the roof of the building and giving form to the irregular cube shapes that appear as if in motion.

Architect: Roger Partners

Photography: Imagen Subliminal


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