May 6, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: mid-century remains in a refurbishment project in Camilluccia, Rome

We move to Rome in order to join up with an elegant and differential apartment project, a high luxury residential project located in the exclusive La Camilluccia resort.

It is an interior refurbishment project, a challenge carried out by the expert interior remodelling architect, Mattia Oliviero Bianchi, who is a member of the MOB Architects studio.

His main goal was to preserve the remains of what was once an apartment when this building was first built in the 50s, with the exquisiteness and modernity needed in order to be both a very attractive and a very urban project, and at the same time, contemporary. To carry on with both its warmth and authenticity, but ensuring high quality and technology, the architect Mattia Oliviero relied on the contemporary design and performance of materials and products from the  PORCELANOSA Group, which were integrated in almost every room, including the bathrooms.

The living-room

With regard to the living-room, this was designed around a very bright and wide space, with a clear decorative influence from the updated mid-century modern style. Although small touches of colour in the space can be seen, a clear predominance of both white and wood pairing can be noted, which stains walls, floor tiles and parts of the furniture.

For the flooring, he opted for the origin and naturalness of natural wood, through the installation of the Eden Natural 1L 240x20x2cm parquet from L’Antic Colonial. This same design moves widely throughout the apartment, except for the bathrooms.

The bathrooms

Given the demand for space in the bathroom, with high moisture concentration, the installation of ceramic materials from PORCELANOSA Group for floor and wall tiles were opted for.

Bathroom 1

For the first one, the ceramic Scott Arce parquet from Porcelanosa was chosen. A model of high quality that perfectly simulates natural wood; it takes up the space around the bathtub area, as well as around the shower and the basin. To homogenize and further accentuate the warmth of this space, basins in Trend Grey Stone natural stone from L’Antic Colonial were opted for, in combination with the wall mounted basin taps for NK Concept from Noken.

The shower, meanwhile, has the Seasons head shower from Noken with chromo therapy, a commitment to a shower which offers both sensations and complete relaxation.

Bathroom 2 and 3

White is the leading colour in the other two bathroom projects in these luxury apartments in Camilloccia.

The eternal colour par excellence is put on the wall tiles through ceramic projects such as the decorated Ona White series from Venis, coating one of the shower areas; or the White Madagascar or Dover Steel collections, which virtually permeate all bathroom areas.

Due to its resistance and easy cleaning features, the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral countertops and basins were opted for, whereas taps, sanitary ware, rain showers or accessories were projects by Noken.

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