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PORCELANOSA Group Projects Finalists: A dealership design with Krion™ and STON-KER™ as the driving force

The Audi Lifestyle Showroom project from the Mesura architectural studio is a finalist in the Professional Forward-looking Design category at the 12th Porcelanosa Awards

Its facilities have seen floor tiles, wall tiles and furniture incorporated from Porcelanosa and Krion.

The Audi Lifestyle Showroom project from the Mesura architecture and interior design studio has been one of the finalists at the 12th Porcelanosa Awards. Its creators: Jordi Espinet Roma, Marcos Parera Blanch, Carlos Dimas Carmona, Benjamín Iborra Wicksteed and Jaime Font Furest; have designed a dynamic and interactive space which reformulates the traditional concept of a dealership.

Presented in the ‘Professional Forward-looking Design’ category, this showroom is made up of open and diaphanous rooms where visitors can move around each one easily without coming across any differences or limits. Since it is a showroom at street level, natural light is very present because it comes through the large windows of the building and unifies the commercial areas with those which are for resting in, in a balanced way.

Finalista Premios Porcelanosa diseño futuro Profesionales Mesura-3

Industrial decor on wheels

The Bottega Acero floor tile by STON-KERTM, the ceramic stone from PORCELANOSA Group, has been installed in the main rooms in the Audi Lifestyle Showroom. It is a porcelain tile inspired by cement, and furthermore, it resists extreme temperatures, impacts, continuous wear and tear, and chemical agents. In addition to its easy cleaning and maintenance, this material enhances the light of the spaces through its faint grey and sober structure.

The non-slip properties of its pieces allow it to be installed in humid areas or areas with a high number of people; its colour does not suffer any type of wear or weakening over time.

Finalista Premios Porcelanosa diseño futuro Profesionales Mesura

An industrial style which contrasts with the minimalist elements built with the KRIONTM mineral compact. This is the case with the wall tiles designed with the Grigio Classico T904 tone, which combines grey with whiter particles, thus simulating the traditional terrazzo. Its fireproof features, its easy cleaning and thermocurving capacity are also present in the showroom furniture, designed with the Grey Star colour from the collection.

All the colours and decorative elements which have been used in this establishment have the same aesthetic and corporate criteria. To create a positive shopping experience, the presentation of the product is carried out in a close and interactive way, so that people can get to know, check out, test and analyse each one of the vehicles and products which are showcased.

Finalista Premios Porcelanosa diseño futuro Profesionales Mesura

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