November 9, 2018 | Updated: October 1, 2019


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: MAMMA Pizza, traditional Italian cuisine in a cutting-edge restaurant

This gastronomic chain has used several different wall tiles and floor tiles from the PORCELANOSA Group. The most modern design is merged with the most classic cuisine and it gives rise to these ever-changing times.

Over the generations, MAMMA Pizza has managed to maintain the essence of Italian cuisine with new flavours and recipes. This continuous adaptation to the modernity of the times is reflected in its dishes, and also in the decoration of its restaurants which, is a result of using PORCELANOSA Group materials according to criterion of Emilio Bruno Tanja Pacecca Architects.

The most cutting-edge design fuses with the most classic cooking, leaving room for these ever-changing times. This is the case with the entrance, where a stainless steel bench presents various products, hot and cold, to clear the way for the dining room and the service.

In the dining room, the Prisma White Matt pure white 33.3cmx100cm wall tile stands out. This material is from Venis. It is a geometric piece formed by light and shade which provides greater amplitude for the room. With the same tone, but located next to the bar, there is the 33.3cmx100cm Glaciar wall tile. As well as that, the 33.3cmx100cm Diamond White is another of the wall tiles that this firm has used in other establishments.

Different times in one place

This contrast between yesterday and today is reflected in the 59.6cmx59.6cm Ferroker floor tile by STON-KER, whose industrial aesthetic transmits another look to the different patinas of the dark and coppery colour. That versatile piece has also been used as a wall tile and it enhances the composition of the columns or the lower part of the bar.

Each of the materials used reflects the multiculturalism that has enriched the essence and success of its kitchen. Historical tastes that last on a low heat.

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