December 18, 2020 | Updated: July 23, 2021


A bright industrial style loft in New York

With an interior design based on neutral tones, light textiles and PORCELANOSA Group's most sophisticated collections, this home presents a reworking of the principles of architectural rationalism with a combination of décor and textures.


With its roots in early 20th century New York, industrial style transformed former warehouses and factories in the USA into homes, turning construction features into decorative elements. Iron beams, exposed brick walls, high ceilings, copper pipes and wooden trunks have all become part of a new cosmopolitan architecture that humanises the peripheral industrial areas of cities.

This early industrial style (somewhat revamped) can be seen in this New York loft, where neutral textiles contrast with metal bar stools, wood walls, and ceramic tiles by Porcelanosa inspired by classic marble.

An open-plan kitchen and living room

The open-plan kitchen and living room is one of the home's most impressive rooms. Designed in white and beige hues, with vintage style upholstered chairs and a circular glass Art Deco table providing a focal point for the space, the overall design incorporates XTONE® sintered mineral compact into the kitchen worktop and main wall. The look is completed with E 2.70 Terroso Texturado and E4.70 Blanco Snow Mate kitchen cabinets by Gamadecor.

Due to its resistance against blows, impermeability, high-level hygiene, and being easy to clean, XTONE® makes spaces safer, and its clean lines offer endless possibilities. With a surface that reproduces the shine and grey veins of Carrara marble, the material links the kitchen workspace with the social area under one structure, enhancing the luminosity of the living room.

The design features open, interconnected spaces, with Boston Stone flooring giving a greater sense of breadth to each room thanks to its stone aesthetic and infinite look. To ensure proper installation each piece has been affixed using Colorstuk Cemento by Butech, to create flooring without any visible joins between the tiles.

A bathroom between the Arctic and the USA

In a minimal style with white as the main colour, the loft's bathroom features the XTONE® collection on the walls and floors, connecting this zone with the rest of the property. The uniform white is balanced by the state-of-the-art washbasin, accessories from the Noken Hotels collection and Gamadecor's Edge bathroom furniture. Wall-mounted at two different levels, this piece blends the texture of granite with hardwood, connecting both with the wrought iron frame.

The shower further enhances this sense of continuity, with Lines Cambric Persian White Pulido flooring from L'Antic Colonial.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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