November 4, 2016 | Updated: January 14, 2022


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: L’Antic Colonial, ‘in fashion’ in Uterqüe’s stores

The fashion and accessories firm from the Grupo Inditex, Uterqüe, has recently renovated the appearance of its stores, as well as its corporate visual identity, by achieving much more organic, depurated, minimalist shapes.

In its stores, Uterqüe has been able to convey a new look to its sales spaces by means of an elegant Mid-Century 1950s inspiration.  It is a design which banks on the quality and authenticity of PORCELANOSA Group.

The choice regarding materials has been the products from L’Antic Colonial, which depict an atmosphere of both purity and classical allure, both for the façade and the indoor areas, where one can see its stamp on both the flooring and furniture.

In relation to the outdoor wall tiles, the limestone Vancouver Clásico natural stone has been the choice, with a sophisticated minimalist appearance in earth tones, and furthermore, regarding the indoor flooring, the Amsterdam Grey limestone has been the choice.

There are various designs regarding furniture which this new Uterqüe image entails: again, the Amsterdam Grey stone in the payment counters, the Amsterdam Beige in the furniture for both shoes and accessories, and the Habana Dark Flamed Home marble for the counter.

A new fashion store concept

Art and fashion join forces in the new showroom project in Uterqüe, which will be reconverted into a dynamic multifunctional space of both creativity and visual arts.

Regarding the interior design of the new showrooms, the work done by the Uterqüe team should be highlighted, inspired by houses from the middle of last century with sober, modern and purist furniture, and a large amplitude in the rooms. Every detail of the new image evokes that Mid-Century atmosphere, above all, the warm welcome and the feminism, with an aura of classicism strategically adapted to the present day. Scandinavian-style furniture created specifically for Uterqüe, Persian carpets and decor in ceramics, iron and bronze with the addition of art pieces. In short, a space where fashion, the absolute main attraction in the shops, coexists with art, creativity and the wonderful decorative details.

In addition, energy efficiency was taken into account in the showroom design, as well as opting for distinctive quality and low consumption lighting, and what is more, thanks to a system of cutting-edge technology, it recreates sunlight in an indoor atmosphere.

First store in Braga, Portugal

This new distinctive Uterqüe design can be seen in one of the latest openings by the firm in Braga, Portugal. A 180 m2 commercial store space which further strengthens, if possible, the presence of Uterqüe in the Portuguese country, where the firm now has five showrooms.

Shortly, and mostly during November, Poland, Mexico, Spain or Saudi Arabia among other countries, will open their new Uterqüe stores with this innovative concept.


UTERQÜE, Quinta Dos Congregados Sao Victor, 105 (Braga, Portugal).


See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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