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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: KRION™ K-LIFE and Noken structure the pillars of a photocatalytic cave in Mexico

The KRION™ mineral compact has modulated the central structure of this architectural construction.

In this old sand mine, the Urban taps by Noken have been used, which give a modern feel to the shapes and to the use of the space through their black matt finish.

This old sand mine in Mexico City has become a photocatalytic cave after the intervention of the architectural Amezcua Arquitectos studio and MM real estate. Great care was taken with this cutting-edge project in which materials from the companies, KRION™ and Noken, have been used. Both companies belong to the PORCELANOSA Group.

This project has preserved the concavities and the original quietness with which this space was erected, reinforcing its user’s privacy. Morphology that required adapting the new elements of the place to those already in there, in order to set up the entertainment and meeting areas.

A large central axis by KRION™ Solid Surface

Being underground, this project required the use of special and resistant materials like KRION™. A winning design chosen by the architects from Amezcua to restore the cave. Its Keast technology makes KRION™ an exceptional material, especially in underground areas as described. Its bacteriostatic action and its resistance to: impacts, harsh environments and flexion; along with its low porosity, all bring safety and consistency to this project.

KRION™ also provides a solution for the limited ventilation and the low natural light in this space, since the K-LIFE system allows the air to be purified through the effect of photocatalysis (hence its name). In this way, nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and volatile organic compounds are neutralised.

White that shines underground

The two central pieces which have been made with the purest white KRION™ allow for the sculptural character of the set to be enhanced. The light that diffuses both at the base and the body of the main column complements that feeling of wild nature which still remains intact.

The thermoforming capacity by KRION™ plays a leading role here, in which the work by Embodied and the lighting by Luz en Arquitectura were also counted on.

Water among stone

Noken, the bathroom firm, has included the Urban taps in this cave. Their black matte finish complements the stony tone of its walls. Its high quality and durable composition, meets the needs of the atmosphere.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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