September 5, 2019 | Updated: March 9, 2022


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Krion™ K-Life hovers over Rome-Fiumicino Airport

The architect, Giovanna Pontecorvo, has used this Solid Surface for the check-in desks.

Because of being long-lasting and resistant, its bacterial features, its zero porosity, its ecological condition and its easy cleaning; this material provides greater consistency for those large surfaces which have constant traffic.

With some 100.000 passengers to deal with each day and its four terminals, Roma- Fiumicino airport, which is also known as Leonardo de Vinci Airport, is one of the biggest in Italy, and one of the busiest in Europe.

Given its extension and the great influx of people that pass through there, Giovanna Pontecorvo, the architect, opted for the Krion™ mineral compact to design the check-in desks with the Snow White EAST 1100. The purest white from this chromatic series from Krion with 99.8% of white enhancing the luminosity in each area.


Made with Krion K-Life, the photocatalytic material from the company that reduces contamination in the environment, these pieces bring all of the features of the mineral compact together: fire-resistant, resistant to extreme weather conditions and high traffic; it comes with bacterial features which stop the build-up of pathogenic microorganisms, as well as its high thermocurving ability, its light weight and its low maintenance features.

Krion™: a sustainable material that is different from the rest

Krion™ is a cutting-edge Solid Surface with a 100% recyclable composition which can be reprocessed and used again. Because of being a lightly weighted material, chemical-resistant, resistant to UV rays and low in thermal conductivity; its use in big public and private buildings is more and more frequent.
Equipped with KEAST technology, Krion™ K-Life reduces environmental contamination, improving people’s quality of life at the same time. Its zero porosity and easy cleaning make it the perfect solution for building safe, sustainable and beneficial installations.

Its density and zero porosity turn it into a sound-insulating material which reduces all types of noise, improving the experience for the client. Since its joints are not visible, this material allows for smooth and continuous surfaces to be created with neither separations nor irregularities, therefore, limitless designs are created.


See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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