December 30, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: KRION® in Noor Island, the island which connects nature and infinite design

The versatility and endless possibilities provided by the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral is reflected in the stunning Noor Island project in the United Arab Emirates.

The members of the prestigious 3deluxe studio know how to capture a space conceived as a leisure island and a natural park, with Krion® as one of its basic elements. The cutting-edge acrylic stone from the PORCELANOSA Group is the main attraction in its pavilions, buildings and objects; for instance, in a large part of the furniture, trying to contribute to the area quality improvement. Therefore, nature is combined with the most innovative design, through the use of KRION®. This one is perfectly mimicked in the space, being shown in structure and thermocurved, mechanized and single-pieced equipment, thanks to its imperceptible joints. In addition, the selected colour white provides the project with purity and a cutting-edge look in a practical way.

The design

From the parts and structures Noor Island is composed, the pots made in KRION® Snow White 1100 stand out. Elegant conical shapes which are distinguished by their perspicacious simplicity and decorated surface. Along with them, some original banks also made with the avant-garde technology material from Porcelanosa Group and especially the Butterfly Pavilion. A room that combines nature and design done by Krion®.

The Butterfly Pavilion: the origin of life with KRION®

Krion® is present in the star room of Noor Island, the Butterflies Pavilion. An architectural challenge whose main goal was creating an area in environmental conditions suitable for flora and fauna. With an ideal room temperature, a strategic food location and a design which combines architecture with nature, and organic with what is motionless. KRION® is the link between these two worlds, creating floral patterns and turning nature into architecture.

Because of its uniqueness, this 3deluxe project has already received several international awards , such as the audience award in architecture at the ICONIC AWARDS 2016; the International Property Awards 2016 award in the leisure category; Or the special recognition at the 8th Architecture and Interior Design Awards from PORCELANOSA Group, among others.


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