January 16, 2018 | Updated: November 12, 2021


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: The Gasparina shop, elegance in pink tones

The Huuun creative studio, together with the VerdeSobreNegro media agency in Castellón, carried out a design of some 90m². We are dealing with a project which consists of a fully open façade, a clear open area at the entrance with a casual fashionable product, and a more intimate adjoining space where the product is focused more on special moments and events.

Following the owner’s guidelines, a fully white-coloured interior design has been the choice, where the clothes rack, the shelves and the decorative items stand out in a copper-coloured tone which, reminds us of the pink gold and, whose contrast enhances the product.

The set of furniture, which has been fully custom-made, is complemented by two central translucent glass tables which reflect the arrangement of the clothes rack on the wall, which not only act as a key selling point, but also work as a support for showing clothes and accessories.

Used Materials

One of the most important characteristics in this project is the naturalness and simplicity of its interior. Through a sophisticated appearance, it achieves in conveying naturalness and warmth, features that are commonly associated with a house.

This is the reason why those overseeing the project have banked on the revolutionary Krion® K-Life material for the counter. A mineral compact which includes a series of components which purify the air and become activated when any kind of light shines on them. Beyond its anti-bacterial properties and its almost zero-maintenance, this mineral compact has been the choice because of both its malleability and touch.

The white colour contrasts with the wall tiles in rosewood tones, velvet fabrics and a carpet in taupe, which creates a fine feminine atmosphere. We are dealing with a carefully-lit space through electrified rails which make every furniture module and product stand out.

Photography by:  Pau Bellido – Hoyoyo Visual Lab

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