January 16, 2018 | Updated: November 12, 2021


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: The Gasparina shop, elegance in pink tones

Femininity, style and character are the features conveyed in the new contract project by the PORCELANOSA Group. The Gasparina shop, located in the heart of Castellón, lets you enjoy an exclusive atmosphere where pink, golden and grey tones all play a leading role. Colours which provide the set with a chic look, full of elegance and modernity.

The Huuun creative studio, together with the VerdeSobreNegro media agency in Castellón, carried out a design of some 90m². We are dealing with a project which consists of a fully open façade, a clear open area at the entrance with a casual fashionable product, and a more intimate adjoining space where the product is focused more on special moments and events.

Following the owner’s guidelines, a fully white-coloured interior design has been the choice, where the clothes rack, the shelves and the decorative items stand out in a copper-coloured tone which, reminds us of the pink gold and, whose contrast enhances the product.

The set of furniture, which has been fully custom-made, is complemented by two central translucent glass tables which reflect the arrangement of the clothes rack on the wall, which not only act as a key selling point, but also work as a support for showing clothes and accessories.

Used Materials

One of the most important characteristics in this project is the naturalness and simplicity of its interior. Through a sophisticated appearance, it achieves in conveying naturalness and warmth, features that are commonly associated with a house.

This is the reason why those overseeing the project have banked on the revolutionary Krion® K-Life material for the counter. A mineral compact which includes a series of components which purify the air and become activated when any kind of light shines on them. Beyond its anti-bacterial properties and its almost zero-maintenance, this mineral compact has been the choice because of both its malleability and touch.

The white colour contrasts with the wall tiles in rosewood tones, velvet fabrics and a carpet in taupe, which creates a fine feminine atmosphere. We are dealing with a carefully-lit space through electrified rails which make every furniture module and product stand out.

Photography by:  Pau Bellido - Hoyoyo Visual Lab

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