August 30, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: cutting-edge health in the Forbes Fraser pharmacy in the Royal United Hospital with KRION®

Cleanliness, cutting-edge design and trust are the three principles where the requirements of health spaces that evoke the care and handling of medicines must be met. In search of these characteristics, the Forbes Fraser Pharmacy in the Royal United Hospital  (RUH) in Bath, England, has chosen the KRION® mineral compact from the PORCELANOSA Group as the featured material in its new and state-of-the-art health facilities.

The anti-bacterial strength and the power of the KRION® Solid Surface makes it ideal for this clinic project because of its high-level of resistance against chemical influences, along with its easy-cleaning and maintenance which are provided by this non-porous material.

It this way, the IBI Group Architecture Studio and the Kier Construction building company (Western and Wales), made the most of the versatility and the malleability of KRION® in the triage worktop, which is like an island, and in the perimeter support tables in grey, the KRION® 6905 Ash Grey. A colour which together with the smooth touch of KRION®, goes on to create an unbeatable atmosphere full of serenity, cleanliness and naturalness.

It is worth pointing out that this pharmacy, situated some 150km from London and 21km from Bristol, meets the requirements of this cutting-edge multidisciplinary project. More than just a medicine dispenser, because of its location right in the middle of the Royal United Hospital (RUH), its main objective is to offer a complete service to its patients with the building of the Dyson Cancer Centre, along with the RNHRD and Therapy Centre.

Apart from covering all aspects of the use of medicines in the hospital, the new centre includes a sterile suit with five rooms in which various treatments will be developed to fight cancer, a pharmacy radio and diagnostic tools.

Photographer: Francis Gard

Fabricating company: Medspace Solutions

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