November 3, 2017 | Updated: October 19, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: exclusivity and luxury, also in the materials from Carlos Guinot Jewellery

In the Old City of Castellon, very close to the symbolic “puerta del sol”, there is one of the most emblematic jeweller’s in the city, “Carlos Guinot Joyería“. Since 1956, its committed and hard-working jewellers have offered a professional, discreet and quality service to each of their clients. Three generations paying tribute to precious stones and the most exclusive jewels have turned them into a leading and respected Jeweller’s in the luxury market sector.

Last year, and done through the Andres Benet architecture studio, the jeweller’s went through a big makeover in order to provide a more sophisticated and cutting-edge style to the experience and knowledge that fully endorses them. The refurbishment had the collaboration from the PORCELANOSA Group, both in the materials contribution for the facade and in its assembly through its specialised firm in building and assembly systems, Butech.

The versatility and elegance of the KRION® Solid Surface 

One of the spaces that took on more significance in the project was the jewellery shop facade, since this required a modern and sumptuous aesthetic to attract customers, giving the leading role to the jewellery on show, as well as being adapted to all kinds of temperatures and external conditions.

Similarly, the facade should ensure the security of the jewellery shop and any possible vandalism. Therefore, the KRION® Solid Surface compact mineral in the 6501 CREAM finish was opted for, and the K-FIX facade anchoring system from the Butech group company. KRION® is a cutting-edge material whose solid surface is characterized by its durability, ease of repair, low maintenance and easy cleaning.

Its high natural mineral content and low level in resins, provides the material with great versatility and strength, being capable of adapting to all types of projects. In this case, it allows for illuminated signs to be included on the façade, along with safeguarding its inalterability over time.

As if it were a piece of jewellery, the content, lightness and jointless finish by KRION® has made creating a facade with an infinite aspect possible, one which most certainly catches everyone’s eye.

The interior: exclusivity and luxury through Ferroker

After the refurbishment of the Carlos Guinot jewellery shop façade, carried out to achieve a more sophisticated cutting-edge look, and to be in line with the pieces housed in its inside, Carlos Guinot jewellery has banked on providing its interior with a new aesthetic.

Thus, in its bid to have a ‘luxury’ material in its refurbishment, the Ferroker interior flooring has been used, in other words, one of the most well-known products from Venis, which is characterised by its aged metal finish, which fits in perfectly with the high-end jewellery and precious metal world.

Specifically, the team of professionals in charge of the project, has opted for the Titanio tone in its 80×80 square format, with the aim of providing the room with brightness and a sense of calmness, which means a perfect mixture for the customers who are determined to buy in this exclusive market. On top of that, one of the advantages of using the large-scale format is that it ensures more spaciousness and continuity for the surface.

Additionally, the Ferroker collection helps to increase functionality and comfort in the jewellery shop, since it requires little maintenance and it performs excellently in high-traffic spaces.

In order to complete the interior design, combining the Ferroker pieces with wall tiles and furniture in light and beige tones was thought up, giving the space uniformity and therefore making the jewellery exhibited in the display cabinets stand out even more.

It is worth highlighting that Ferroker is one of the most extensive collections from this firm that belongs to the Porcelanosa Group. One can find up to five different colours and five different formats regarding the flooring. As far as the 44cmx66cm format is concerned, up to seven different tones can be used, ranging from the lightest one through the Ferroker Platino, to the darkest range with Ferroker or Ferroker Caldera.

In conclusion, through this refurbishment, Carlos Guinot jewellery has been able to improve its business premises by offering the highest performance level to its customers, who always go into to the jewellery shop in search of exclusivity and luxury, features that are also present in its decoration.

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