8 January 2021 | Updated: 2 June 2021


Studio Mariano Molina showcases geometric architecture in this sea-front property

Architects Mariano Molina and Juan Pedro Alías Hernández have built this three-level volumetric house featuring Premium collections by PORCELANOSA Group.

Located just a few metres from Aguadulce beach is this double orientation volumetric home. Built by Mariano Molina architecture studio in Roquetas de Mar (Almería), the structure opens out to the Mediterranean sea, and features Premium collections by PORCELANOSA Group.

A property that returns to the sea

The living room and master bedroom look onto the beach, with large picture windows and white cubes that give shape to the main body. Ceramic wood has been used to enrich the overall layout of the property - Manhattan Maple by PAR-KER®: raised technical flooring used for the solarium and main terrace. "The play on this double orientation is most striking on the first floor. The master bedroom is in a huge overhanging block, making it the most dramatic element of the composition. The remaining bedrooms and rooms on this floor have a slanted orientation. The resulting effect echoes the gills of some sort of shark, ready to return to the sea" explain the architects themselves.

The flooring Manhattan Maple reproduces the veins and colours of natural oak and gives a sense of unity to the interior and exterior elements. The warm tiles have been used in the property's living room, corridors, bedrooms and the staircases, and bolster the sense of infinite space

A collection that strengthens the concept of sea-front property and blends harmoniously with the tiles Arizona Stone, used for the residence's infinity pool area. "White and glass reign supreme, with attention to every detail being as clean as possible. On the outside of the property, just a few accents go against this concept, for example the window with a view to Cape Gata that serves to balance the flooring. The integrated furniture, the coving that conceals the aluminium joinery; all seek to distract as little as possible from the uninterrupted view of the sea, as though that is the only thing you need when you live in this house" explains a Mariano Molina Arquitectos representative.

The showers in the bathrooms all incorporate Shower Deck shower trays by Butech. This system integrates the shower into the bathroom's ceramic flooring, thus maintaining the minimalist aesthetic so definitive of the rest of the property. 

Photo: Jesús Granada

Architecture: Mariano Molina

Collaborators, drafting stage:  Juan Pedro Alias Hernández (co-author architect of the project)

Jose Luis Zabala de Lope, Álvaro Zabala de Lope (3D visualisation), Jose Antonio Moral Villegas (health and safety study) 

Collaborators, implementation stage: Juan Pedro Alias Hernández (co-author architect of the project), Jose Antonio Moral Villegas (health and safety study), Juan Miguel Rodríguez Noguerón (Head of Construction), Miguel Quiñonero Llamas (Construction Manager) 

Miguel Quiñonero Llamas (Construction Manager)


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