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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: A dream villa in Jávea

The Miralbo Urbana construction company has brought collections from Porcelanosa, Venis, Gamadecor, Noken and Krion together in the main rooms in the house.

The house is located in the natural surroundings of Cala Ambolo, and furthermore, it has won an award for “Best Residential Property in Europe”.

Situated at the peak of Cala Ambolo in Jávea in Alicante, opposite the Isla del Descubridor, ‘Villa El Sueño’ blends in with the natural landscape of limestone and crystal-clear water, making this project by Miralbo Urbana SL to be considered one of the most standout in the area.

Its shapes and minimal decor create an interesting balance between human tasks and what is natural. Its structure blends into its surroundings with no visual contrasts or effects, either. Because of this, it won the award for “Best Residential Property in Europe” at the International Property Awards.


This award recognises the innovative work by the team, the advances developed in terms of design, and the materials used in each of the rooms. It is here where the collections from PORCELANOSA Group stand out, the company which Miralbo Urbana SL has banked on in order to build this house.

The sustainable architecture, the avant-garde design, the quality in building materials and project execution are the key principles championed by Miralbo Urbana SL and each of the companies from PORCELANOSA Group which are present in this villa, namely: Porcelanosa, Venis Noken, Krion and Gamadecor.

White as the main theme

White is the colour leading the way in this house which covers an area of 650m2 and three floors. A colour tone which defines the Oxo Line blanco and Marmi China collections from Porcelanosa, together with the Ona White Matt and Park White from Venis. The reliefs and volumes which each of these wall tiles offer, make the bathrooms lighter, as well as giving the rooms an artistic touch.


With a minimal aesthetic and an open-area structure, the most interesting point in this house is the connection which takes place between the different rooms, which are joined by a lift and a staircase. This happens in the Emotions 4.70 Blanco Snow kitchen from Gamadecor, whose storage spaces remain hidden which makes the capacity of this structure bigger.


There is another way to understand the bathroom

In the bathrooms, the Forma wall-hung sanitaryware from Noken has been opted for, and it is combined with the buffering hinge from the same collection and the Almond floor-standing basin from Krion. As far as bathroom furniture is concerned, the Soft and Next models from Gamadecor have been used. Several Irta deck mounted single lever basin mixers from Noken have also been installed, as well as classical-styled bathtubs.

In the basement of the house, one can find a wine cellar, a Turkish bath manufactured with KrionTM and a sauna which consists of the Logic ceiling-mounted shower head with the cascade and rain effect features.


In defence of the Mediterranean.

Photography: Miralbo Urbana SL

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