May 10, 2019 | Updated: January 13, 2022


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: A new spin on Cossack classical in the centre of Kiev

The interior designer, Natalia Poplavska, opts for a classic interior design inspired by marble and baroque patterns with the elegance that characterises the materials of Porcelanosa Group.

The Porcelanosa, Gamadecor, Noken and Krion collections are in harmony with the house decor which, is based on 18th and 19th century artistic trends.

Throughout its 77m2, different artistic stages which transformed the city from the 18th century to the present can be seen in this house which is located in Kiev. The interior designer, Natalia Poplavska, has banked on Baroque decor based on marble and baroque patterns with gold and Klein blue as the prevailing colours. An atmosphere which forms a part of some PORCELANOSA Group standout collections, such as: the Porcelanosa Carrara Blanco porcelain tiles; the Gamadecor furniture; the Noken bathrooms and the KrionTM pure white.


Ceramic which recreates the Carrara marble

The decor of this house is inspired by palatial rooms from the Ancient Empire, through textures based on marble and ivory. This is the case with the Carrara Blanco, Bari Blanco and Olimpo Marfil collection by Porcelanosa. These floor tiles and wall tiles have light tonalities which enhance the structures of each area. The veining gives greater depth to the spaces and breaks with the monotony, through the gloss which its own composition has.


Classicism vs modernity in the bathroom

The classicism of the main rooms contrasts with the modernism in the bathrooms, in which the products by Noken and Krion have been used. The basins belong to the Forma collection and the taps to the NK Concept and Urban collections. The KrionTM Neo shower tray reinforces the brightness of the room with the pure white of this Solid Surface. In this set, it is also worth mentioning the Next bathroom furniture by Gamadecor, whose units adapt to the space in an orderly manner, enhancing the functionality of the furniture.


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