January 15, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: contemporary elegance at Le Meridien, in New Orleans, USA

In the very heart of New Orleans, the capital of Louisiana and one of the most important cities in the south of USA, stands the imposing Le Meridien Hotel, a project whose integral renovation has been carried out by the Meyer Davis Inc. studio.

It is a hotel space which undoubtedly portrays the contemporary elegance of its fantastic location, in other words, a city where urban culture and European heritage are intermingled. Because of this mixture, a refined significant atmosphere is created just a few metres from the French Quarter, which awaits the guests of this unique hotel.

In order to carry out the sophisticated interior design of this unique modern hotel, the exclusive materials by PORCELANOSA Group have been the choice. To be precise, Le Meridien Hotel has trusted in the innovation and warmth of the Amsterdam Blanco ceramic parquet by Porcelanosa, to be installed as flooring. The porcelain tile with a natural wooden appearance by PORCELANOSA Group looks elegant both in the hotel lobby and in one of its fascinating cafés, the Longitude 90 Café & Bar. This tile has been installed on a herringbone pattern basis. Sumptuously combined, the lobby and café floors are intermingled with wooden pieces of furniture and intense colourful upholsteries, thus, resulting in small touches of colour which provide spaces with high style and excellence.

The Meyer David Studio Inc. is a globally recognized New York City-based design boutique specializing in residential, hospitality, and workplace environments. In the renovated Le Meridien Hotel project, Meyer Davis has successfully combined his principles of great design together with a clear view of the urban life, whilst bearing in mind the French refinement from the early 20th century which elegantly shows off its cosmopolitan touch.

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