28 January 2021 | Updated: March 8, 2022


This glass house in Bordeaux gleams with Porcelanosa

Architecture studio Sara Brunn/Marraud Engineering Agen and interior designers from Agora Bordeaux turn this former factory into a high-end home with collections by Porcelanosa.

Converting old buildings into offices and homes has entered the mainstream of architectural practice. The practice is defended by the EU in its decarbonisation programme, set for 2050. It promotes the renovation of buildings, something the European Commission itself hopes will double over the next 10 years in order to meet energy and resource efficiency requirements.

This residential project in Bordeaux (France) is an example of following the guidelines set out by the EC for sustainable architecture in defence of climate neutrality.

The former factory has been converted into a high-end home, with its 700 m2 adapted to new European architectural standards following the intervention of architecture studio Sara Brun/Marraud Engineering Agen and Agora Bordeaux interior designers. Both teams' intention was to integrate the space with the natural environment, using PORCELANOSA Group's Premium and eco-efficient collections.

An interior that expands ever outwards

The home's overall structure puts an end to the demarcation between the interior and exterior through a lounge area that extends out to the swimming pool, sports zone and a 300 m2 spa area that welcomes visitors.

The connection between these spaces has been achieved by installing the Bottega Acero collection as flooring throughout. The industrial aesthetic reinforces the feel of unlimited space, which is in turn complemented by the Urbatek porcelain (cladding the swimming pool) and XTONE mineral compact (cladding the fireplace).

The spectrum of greys creates a balanced contrast with the Krion® Snow White EAST 1100 mineral compact - a pure white frame surrounding the counter of the bar, located just a few metres from the indoor swimming pool.

The use of this material, with its imperceptible joints and continuous surface, further refines the modernist aesthetic of the lounge area. And because it is moisture resistant, non-porous and has bacteriological properties, the surface makes the area more hygienic and easier to clean.

An open, futuristic kitchen

Eclectic yet subtle, the kitchen is open to the living room and stands out for the way in which it ushers in natural light through the large windows that frame it. Featuring a futuristic white decor with black accents, the designers have opted for ultra-modern furnishings, with oval glass tables, metallic finish chairs and geometric pendant lighting.

The layout of the various elements is given even more impact by the marble inspired XTONE mineral compact used to pave this area.

Bedrooms and bathrooms designed for unwinding

Seeking wellbeing through design, the architects at Sara Brunn/Marraud Engineering Agen have gone for exceptionally natural, restrained materials. This can be seen in the master bedroom, where L'Antic Colonial natural wood achieves a warmer feel, used to frame the Greco-Latin mural at the head of the bed.

To balance the brown tones of the parquet and the textiles on the bed, the sides of the bedroom have been clad in XTONE mineral compact, in Nylo gloss finish.

Annexed to this space is the property's master bathroom. Without any separating doors, the room's interior incorporates Krion® mineral compact in Snow White and Black Metal, and XTONE mineral compact has been used in the large shower area, giving it the feel of a marble haven. These pieces are further enhanced by metallic pro-skirting profiles by Butech.

Architecture: Sara Brun / MARRAUD Engineering Agen 

Interior design: Frédéric CONESA (Agora Bordeaux) 

Photo: Stéphane ADAM

Fabricator: Alibert Création

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