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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Café Safir, the best-kept secret in Belgium

The rustic decor in this place has been done with the warmest collections from PORCELANOSA Group, namely: the hydraulic tiles and the Starwood ceramic wood.

With rustic decor based on reddish, brown and beige tones; the Café Safir in Aalst in Belgium, has an intimate atmosphere and care linked to the menu that it offers. Salad, pasta, fish and meat can be enjoyed in this restaurant, whose aesthetic combines industrial style objects such as chairs, lamps and tables with others with a more minimalist character, such as the windows and the benches.

A fusion of styles which connect perfectly, complementing each other through the collections from PORCELANOSA Group. The companies, Porcelanosa and Venis, are present in most parts of this café with their collections, namely: Sevilla, Barcelona D, Dover, Bottega, Marbella (Porcelanosa) and Nebraska Tea (Starwood, PORCELANOSA Group).

Porcelanosa-Project-Restaurant-SAFIR 2

Feel right at home

The Nebraska tea collection from Starwood defines the main part of the dining room. Its light tonality increases the sensation of “feeling right at home”, creating warm and welcoming rooms for greater comfort. This floor tile which is based on the purest wood is interconnected with the other dining room, where the tiles from the Barcelona B collection (Porcelanosa) enhance the brightness, as well as strengthening the colour in each and every decor element.

The Dover collection in the Acero finish (Porcelanosa) defines the exterior part of the restaurant, creating a very interesting combination of greens and blues (tables and chairs) which reminds us of those diners which are so typical in the USA.

Full-coloured bathrooms

The ceramic wall tiles from the Sevilla collection from Porcelanosa provide greater vitality to the bathrooms in this restaurant. The Acero, Aqua, Mostaza, Rose and Green colours give freshness to these spaces, as well as breaking up the seriousness aspect

A new way of seeing and feeling Belgium.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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