September 13, 2019


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: a new British style at the Ampersand residential complex

The Mountford Pigott architecture studio and the PDR developer have used several collections from Porcelanosa, Gamadecor, L’Antic Colonial and Krion in these 118 luxury apartments.

Located in the town of Whyteleafe in Surrey, this residential complex has several common areas and a large number of establishments and services nearby.

Not far from London, Whyteleafe (Surrey, United Kingdom), there is a residential area with a large number of green spots where people can get away from the bustle of the City. That is the environment in which the Ampersand Residential Development is part of; a set of 118 high-quality apartments in which several of the PORCELANOSA Group materials have been included.


The joint work of the architecture studio Mountford Pigott and the PDR Construction developer has resulted in this housing complex. With open and interconnected rooms, the British style interior design which leads the way in this project is based on white and pastel tones, as well as decor elements made of natural wood and ceramic.


Prestige and quality for residential projects

The resistance and timelessness shown by PORCELANOSA Group collections made all the professionals in this project opt for pieces with large dimensions and neutral colours. This is the case of Park Blanco by Porcelanosa and the AC4 Endless 1L Brooklyn laminate flooring by L’Antic Colonial, which has been used here as the main floor.

To this combination of wood and ceramic, the KRIONTM mineral compact can be added, which is present in the bathrooms in these homes. The pure white of this material creates an interesting chromatic combination with the Arquitect wall-hung toilet with a cistern or the Smart thermostatic column in a chrome finish. Both pieces by Noken are reinforced by the resistance, low weight and easy cleaning by Krion.


The Residence R1.60 Niebla kitchen by Gamadecor is joined to the dining room, which makes these areas a unique room. The white on the cupboards and the storage area merges with the rustic decor of the living room and that provides more warmth to each part.

A design without an expiry date.

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