October 14, 2016 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: an exclusive apartment in Los Angeles, Residential Shoreham Drive, USA

Both high luxury and sophistication are revealed in an exclusive apartment in Los Angeles: The Residential Shoreham Drive. In there, the high quality materials and products from PORCELANOSA Group bring their exquisite designs, through projects for both flooring and coating, together with the high prestige and unique singularity bathroom equipment.

The design studio in charge of carrying out the interior design project, Alexander Purcell Rodrigues Design, makes a commitment to this apartment because of both the strength and the authenticity of the natural materials, but without forgetting the resistance and the high-level design of both the floor and wall tiles, especially for the most demanding areas such as the kitchen or the bathrooms.

Thus, L’Antic Colonial brings to this project its natural stone for the apartment’s general flooring, namely the Bhutan Natural BioProt  slate in the 30x60x1.2 cm format. Its sober character and dark tones, together with its characteristics provide elegance for the spaces, combining perfectly with lighter shades and cutting-edge like furniture.

On one hand, and with regard to the equipment in one of the bathrooms, Alexander Purcell banks on the NVY extra-slim porcelain tile by Urbatek for the wall tile. This porcelain range is inspired by the most romantic classical appearance of the marble, together with its high resistance and low porosity. Furthermore, regarding the second bathroom, the firm L’Antic Colonial la again leaves its trace in the design, by means of the Fusion Brick 3D Caramel Mix 29.6x30x0.8-1.3cm. mosaic.

As far as the equipment is concerned, the Residential Shoreham Drive bathrooms provide excellent high-technology designs done by the firms, Noken and Systempool. While the latter offers its innovative Bend Cromo shower column, Noken provides basins, single lever taps and bathroom accessories by means of a series, such as: Forma, NK Logic, Urban C and Essence C.

In addition, with regard to the project, is it worth highlighting the exceptional kitchen design, with an outstanding material playing a major role regarding both the wall tiles and the backsplash: the Armour Black 30x30x0.8cm mosaic by L’Antic Colonial. This glass-effect material not only shows matchless reflections, but also provides the design with both impact and style.

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