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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: The Lux Isla Hotel; an unmissable stopover in Ibiza

A few metres away from Talamanca beach, we find this resort with some 29 exclusive rooms, offering all types of amenities to its guests.

The materials from PORCELANOSA Group have been used in the different areas and have brought different aesthetic criteria together, as well as enhancing the brightness of the spaces.

This quiet hotel can be found just a stone’s throw away from Talamanca beach and the Botafoc Lighthouse in Ibiza. Built in 1962 and thought up to be one of the historic hotels on the island, several different materials from PORCELANOSA Group have been used for the amenities, namely: the Bottega collection from Porcelanosa and the raised access flooring from Butech.

Hotel Ibeza Lux Isla Porcelanosa-1

Turquoise, brown and white are the colours that lead the way in the rooms in the Hotel Lux Isla. Its interior design combines Nordic-styled elements with futuristic ones, turning every room into a unique retreat with wonderful sea views.

Hotel Ibeza Lux Isla Porcelanosa-3

Larger format, more possibilities

The Bottega Caliza collection from STON-KERTM, the ceramic stone from PORCELANOSA Group has been chosen for the interior floor tiles and wall tiles. Because of its resistance to high and low temperatures, chemical agents, impacts and the wear and tear caused by continuous use, this material enhances the décor in the rooms through its beige tone.

Hotel Ibeza Lux Isla Porcelanosa-9

Inspired by the cement texture and its contrasts, its pieces belong to the HighKerTM collection, the premium large-format ceramic that both Porcelanosa and Venis have created. The very same warm style, which can be found in the pieces from Delaware Arce, the PAR-KER ceramic parquet from Porcelanosa. Its Anti-slip (Nanoker technology) finish increases the consistency of terraces and exteriors, since it strengthens the anti-slip properties, along with keeping this ceramic wood as good as new for longer.

Hotel Ibeza Lux Isla Porcelanosa-2

Delaware Arce accurately reproduces the graining and brightness of the natural wood, such as walnut and American maple, by providing them with greater consistency, taking ceramic properties into account.

It is in the bathrooms where a more rustic craft touch has been used through the Marbella Stone collection. Its geometric and floral patterns remind us of that modernist-styled ceramic greatly used by some artists as Gaudí and Ramón Casas in the 19th and 20th centuries, with lively colours and shapes that complemented each other.

Hotel Ibeza Lux Isla Porcelanosa-4

An artistic touch which is completed with the raised access flooring for exteriors from Butech, with which surfaces which are totally flat and with no gradient are created. A building system which makes water drainage easier through open joints, allowing for service installations to be hidden thanks to their registrability.

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An unmissable stopover for enjoying the authentic Ibiza summer.

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