October 10, 2017 | Updated: December 20, 2018


The PORCELANOSA Group opens a new showroom in Avignon

The PORCELANOSA Group has opened its doors to the new showroom in Avignon, in the town of Vedene. The company showcases the latest innovations from the eight firms, spread out over more than 400m2 of exhibition space, especially for this new Frenchs showroom, which can be found in the south east of Paris. Firstly, this space stands out because of its technical area, which is quite different to the other showrooms, due to both its size and layout. There is particular emphasis placed on the ventilated facades, which is one of the most innovative building systems from Butech. In some of the other places dotted around the new Vedene showroom, we find the stunning kitchen which welcomes one and all upon entering, and the Lifestyle area, a large space which provides clients with inspiration and new ideas in architecture and interior design.

The new store is nicely located inside the Buld'air shopping centre, which leads the way in new designs, fashion and gastronomy in the city. Furthermore, and 11km down the road, the city of Avignon can be found, a city steeped in history, as well as being full of charm.The opening event, in which around 300 invited guests were present, banked on the presence of María José Soriano, the managing director of the Company and Silvestre Segarra, the executive vice-president, who saw to the opening event’s proceedings. For this occasion, a Spanish themed party was thrown, in which the typical Valencian Paella was enjoyed, along with music from the Andalusian group, Porvenir. As was the case some months ago at the opening of the Valence showroom, where 600 guests were present, the aforementioned Spanish elements delighted guests at that party, too.We highlight how this new store has been added to the Porcelanosa Associate program, coordinated by the partners that this firm has in France, namely Anne and Vincent Martin.

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