March 22, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group expands its presence in Bangladesh through a new showroom in Dhaka

After the increase in demand by the ceramic market in Bangladesh, the PORCELANOSA Group has recently opened an innovative and exclusive showroom at Level 3 & 4, 40/7 NB Tower North Avenue, Gulshan 2, in Dhaka. It is a PORCELANOSA Associate store, in collaboration with the Grupo Nupami.

The event took place on March 8th, 2017, and important personalities attended the ceremony, such as Pierre Mayaudon, the ambassador and European Union Head of Delegation; Aritz Izura, the CEO of the Grupo Nupami; Nuria López, the President of the Spain-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce; Pascual Cano, the CEO of the Grupo Nupami; and Roman Elorza and Silvestre Segarra, from the PORCELANOSA Group.

This new showroom from the PORCELANOSA Group will showcase the latest designs regarding flooring and ceramic wall tiles, the naturalness and authenticity of the natural materials, and the technology and high-quality design of the kitchen equipment and bathrooms from the firm, without forgetting about the latest innovations in building systems. At the opening ceremony, the new lifestyle area with products from the PORCELANOSA Group were highlighted, as well as the new applications for the KRION® Solid Surface mineral compact, the elegant kitchen designs, the natural stone  and the latest designs regarding ceramic tiles. With its state-of-the-art decoration, this new showroom offers professionals from Bangladesh a very comfortable working atmosphere, and what is more, the best meeting point for architects and clients.

In the statements made on the opening day, Aritz Izura, the CEO of the Grupo Nupami said: “in response to the increase in demand by the market in Bangladesh, PORCELANOSA Group is happy to expand its business to satisfy that increasing number of customers and clients. Over the years, we have fuelled a huge number of architects, interior designers and builders of homes in Bangladesh with our designs. Excellence in service is our motto, and this shows our commitment to becoming a leading company in sales and distribution of the highest-quality Spanish building materials in the country. Our team of architects is always available to help clients and customers in the use and application of our products in the best possible way”.

A meeting with professionals

After the opening success, PORCELANOSA Group organised a second day aimed at building professionals in the new showroom in Bangladesh. The objective of this event was to show the Premium materials from the firm and the lifestyle area to architects, engineers and professionals closely related to the construction sector. The meeting was a very successful one, since the professionals were inspired by the high-quality materials and elegance from the PORCELANOSA Group, which turn out to be ideal for their project developments in the country. An unprecedented service in Bangladesh which impressed the visitors, since the offer by the PORCELANOSA Group entails that these professionals do not need to travel to the country where the materials are from to pick them out and import them to be used in their designs. Currently, with PORCELANOSA Group, there is an exclusive integral solution through which they can pick the best and latest materials out; and use them in their projects under the supervision and with the support of the installation team from the firm. Additionally, and through this new showroom, the full catalogue of luxury furniture from the Spanish firm Casadesús, is available for them.

Regarding the people who attended this event, one can find renowned architects and interior designers. Among them, Mustapha Khalid Palash could be found, the main architect for the design consultancy firm, Vistaara.

PORCELANOSA Group in Bangladesh

PORCELANOSA started its journey in Bangladesh in association with Nupami BD Ltd. on June 24th in 2014, when it opened its showroom in Gulshan. Currently, with this new showroom in collaboration with the Grupo Nupami in Dhaka, its objective is to entirely satisfy the projects of the professionals in the country, because of the lack of exclusive and high-quality materials in the area.

The PORCELANOSA Associate stores, the same as this one in Dhaka, are stores that share Porcelanosa’s philosophy but without directly belonging to the company. One can find the whole range of products from the PORCELANOSA Group in them, with the very same quality, service and attention to detail that can be found in all of the stores from the PORCELANOSA Group.

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