April 24, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group dazzles at the Milano Design Week 2017 with its innovation in interior design

From April 4th to the 9th, the Italian city of Milan once again became the world design capital. As with every year, the Milano Design Week brought together a melting pot of architecture and interior design trends, through the exhibition of the latest designs by the most important national and international firms.

PORCELANOSA Group has been present once again, showcasing its quality and innovation in materials and project designs. Specifically, it has showcased its latest designs in three different spaces: The Heart’s Serviced Apartments, The Bar and the section called White in the City, done by renowned designers such as Simone Micheli, Andrea Mamo and Carla Baratelli.

The Heart’s Serviced Apartments: contract spaces by Simone Micheli

The Italian designer Simone Micheli, on the occasion of the Milano Design Week 2017, has presented a new concept of hotel and contract spaces. To do this, he has come up with four apartments, that is to say, the Heart’s Serviced Apartments, designed to recreate that innovation in hotel spaces, based on creativity and experiential rooms. These apartments are built around four different thematic points: art, business, the sea and the mountains; on the basis of the different contract spaces which are usually offered to the guest.

PORCELANOSA Group offers the KRION® mineral compact for these unique spaces, which on one hand, sees two lit lamps manufactured with the Solid Surface; and on the other hand, two pieces of bathroom furniture designed by Simone Micheli in the KRION® Snow White. Additionally, the acrylic stone can be seen in these rooms through a low table with letters, which combine the two versions of the KRION® Snow White and the KRION® Cream.

Besides that, the PORCELANOSA Group provides its materials to the decoration through items designed by Boffetto srl, as well as playing its part in the bathroom equipment, through the Lounge and Essence C sanitaryware and the Lounge taps by Noken.

The Bar by Simone Micheli: KRION in the bar counter

The Bar is one of the other spaces designed by Simone Micheli where PORCELANOSA Group has seen its innovative materials used. The Bar is a renovated cafè project where meeting up, getting together and socialising are a must among other things. It is a project which has been built around the bar counter, a modern structure, with geometric volume and inspiration manufactured with the KRION® Snow White. In this space, included in the FuoriSalone 2017 listing of events for the Milano Design Week, Boffetto srl has also taken part.

White in the city: architecture and design in white

White in the city has been one of the most eagerly awaited initiatives at the Milano Design Week 2017. A series of activities related to architecture and design where the common thread has been the colour white. The innovation, creativity and the principles have revolved around this colour, a starting point towards sustainable development as well.

The PORCELANOSA Group has also wanted to be present in this listing of events at the Milano Design Week, and has done so through two installations.

The first of them is the one led by the architect, Andrea Mamo, in whose space one can see an outstanding wall screen manufactured with the Snow White, KRION®’s purest version, as well as a round table, also in the same finish acrylic stone finish.

The other is about the PORCELANOSA Group collaborating with the architect, Carla Baratelli, from the Asia Studio, in the White in the City space. For its decoration, the firm has provided the elegance and versatility of its Fleur and Park White ceramic wall tiles, both of them by Venis, through which, an impressive ceramic panel has been created.

The Milano Design Week has turned out to be an important event for the PORCELANOSA Group this year, because of making its innovations known, consolidating its prestige, along with the development of professional contacts. This design event has reinforced yet again its importance this year, given the high number of mass media covering the event, as well as the professionals seeking inspiration regarding design and architecture.

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