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Casa Solariega, a neoclassical gem restored with Porcelanosa

Studio Lliberós Salvador Arquitectos restored this stately property in Rocafort (Valencia) with Premium collections by PORCELANOSA Group.

Built in the early 20th century, this 424 m2 neoclassical style property in Rocafort (Valencia) has been refurbished by Lliberós Salvador Arquitectos using Premium collections by PORCELANOSA Group.

Designed in white over two perfectly symmetrical levels, the property's original construction features have been retained (wooden beams, cast iron window grilles and railings on the facade and terraces) with the addition of ultra modern elements in line with the architectural review the studio carried out. 

"The proposal consisted of equipping the building with an ultra modern, functional and attractive interior design with open-plan, diaphanous spaces, that would still respect the layout typical of the era. In this way, we could still maintain the vestiges of the past" explained a representative from Lliberós Salvador Arquitectos.

This coexistence between past and present can be seen in every corner of the property, where spaces open to the exterior and neutral tones (white, beige and brown) predominate, with hardwood furnishings and abstract style pendant lighting.

An eclectic, open-plan living room

In harmony with the exterior aesthetic, where Soho Acero flooring by Porcelanosa creates an infinite look terrace, separation between the open-plan living room and dining room spaces has been achieved through large windows.

The eclectic style blends wooden beams, exposed brick walls, Nordic style sofas in grey and pink tones and classic design hydraulic tiles with PAR-KER® ceramic wood flooring, installed in a herringbone pattern throughout the property.  In addition, special pieces (technical steps) were used to provide visual continuity through areas such as the staircases, corridors and bathrooms. Using Butech grout and other installation products added strengthened adhesion and safety to each piece, as well as enhancing the concept of infinite space.

Classic, bright bathrooms

Exterior facing, and designed in white and beige tones, the property's bathrooms stand out for their natural light and minimalist decor, further emphasising the amplitude of each space.

Bottega Caliza flooring by Porcelanosa has been used in the bathroom to balance the Line shower tray (with a recycled material composition), Unique washbasins by Krion and taps by Noken in a metallic finish. The warmth of the space, achieved in part by the limestone hue of the flooring, balances harmoniously with thepure white washbasins crafted in Krion®, a moisture resistant, non-porous and highly hygienic material that improves safety and cleanliness in the bathroom.

In the bathroom open to the bedroom you find a completely different interior design. Featuring grey, brown and green as the principal colour scheme, with Aqua ceramic wall tiles by Porcelanosa chosen to contrast with the Round Finish Studio taps by Noken, in matt black finish. A modern bathroom that seeks balance through the harmonious contrast between cold and warm tones.

The guest bathroom located in one of the adjoining rooms features a total white aesthetic, with a striking yet calming design, in which the Glaze Dots Whites Matt mosaic by L'Antic Colonial is framed by Rivoli by Porcelanosa, and the Architect bath and toilet by Noken gives a harmonious sense of order to the layout of the space.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Architecture: Lliberós Salvador Arquitectos

Photo: Germán Cabo

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