October 30, 2020


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Urbatek strengthens its presence in China with a new showroom dedicated to XTONE

Designed by Wang Peng’s Peng & Partners Studio, this store, spanning over 300 square metres, unites eastern and western architecture through the compact sintered mineral.


PORCELANOSA Group continues its expansion in China with the opening of a new showroom in the city of Taizhou (Zhejiang, China). Focused on providing a personalised service to designers, architects and professionals in the sector, this store, spanning over 300 square metres, was designed by Wang Peng’s Peng & Partners Studio with the idea of uniting western and eastern architecture through the Urbatek XTONE and XLight collections.

This is a new store concept where the function comes before the form and the aesthetics and well-being of the product are prioritised over the technical properties.


Like an art gallery, this space seeks to connect creators with materials through the comprehensive design PORCELANOSA Group offers. We hope that this space is not just a product exhibition room, but that it can be a space that moves and inspires people like a museum”, Wang explained.

Bathroom of the showroom with the wall tiles Glem White Nature

The Zen philosophy upheld by XTONE

With white as the main colour, the store’s main entrance upholds that Zen philosophy that invites you to meditate with the XTONE marble-inspired collections.

Here, the floor tiles Aged Clay from XTONE appear to form a marble glacier alongside the wall tiles Glem White Nature . This combination of elements, coupled with the soft light emitted by the floor lamps, enhances this connection with nature in each of the veins and chromatic shifts. In this way, the XTONE pieces contrast with the coarse background and create a sense of tectonic plates in motion.

Two collections that also shape the kitchen, where the main island created with the model Nuba White Nature expands the space limitations with a geometric design based on defined lines and monolithic blocks from XTONE.

This showroom also has a winter lounge designed with Glem White Nature in contrast to the model Nylo Noir Polished . That fusion of neutral and dark tones shows the versatility and simplicity that XTONE lends to each space.

Photo: Technology of Shanghai Ruichen network  / Li Xin

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