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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Industrial minimalism in southern Russia

Designed by architect Víctor Usenko, this apartment in the Russian city of Sochi uses Premium collections by Porcelanosa to unify the various rooms under the same concept.


This modern apartment in Sochi (Russia), designed by architect Víctor Usenko, extends the limits of each room with Premium collections by PORCELANOSA Group. With an industrial interior design aesthetic centred on the grey spectrum, wood and Nordic inspired furnishings, Soho Acero flooring by Porcelanosa has been used to unify the various rooms under the same concept.

The tiles in this collection - inspired by the shine and contrasts of concrete - have been used throughout, from the living room to the bathrooms, marrying beautifully with the pearl grey velvet chairs surrounding the wooden dining room table, the navy blue sofa - the centrepiece of the living room, and the backlit vertical garden located at the end of the hallway that interrupts the grey homogeneity of the living-dining room.

A bathroom with a futuristic aesthetic

Echoing a space capsule, the property's master bathroom stands out for its futuristic and refined design. The two raised bowl washbasins are reminiscent of an altar, and the pure white that dominates the area is further enhanced by NK Smart Line backlit mirrors, Tono taps in chrome finish and Essence-C towel rails. The shower stands opposite, with an open structure featuring metallic hues delimited by the Lounge shower sprinkler, Essence-C wall-hung toilet, and bidet. All the products are from bathroom firm Noken.

The luminosity of each of these pieces contrasts with the timeless and subdued grey that defines the bathroom's flooring from the Soho Acero collection by Porcelanosa, providing unity with the rest of the property.

The spectrum of greys is lifted by Caliza Metropolitan wall tiles by Porcelanosa. Their soft texture and finish mimics the chromatic turns of the natural stone and softens the sober character of the grey with decorative wall profiles Pro-Part Black 11 mm by Butech, incorporated at the corner of the ledge.

A room with a Black Sea view

With a king size bed in the centre, the bedroom suite opens to the exterior with large picture windows and minimalist décor centred on three colours: grey, brown and white.

These neutral tones are warmed up by the ceramic wood - Noa Minnesota Moka and Ice Tanzania Almond, the two collections used for this space.

Interspersed with vertical brown and beige lines, the surface extends over the whole wall, harmoniously meeting the open bathroom, which features Soho Acero flooring and a Krion® Slim bath with Tono taps by Noken. The sintered mineral compact provides surfaces with improved resistance and hygiene thanks to its zero porosity, antibacterial and easy cleaning properties, and low weight.

Photo: Pavel Kovalenko  

Architect: VictorUsenko 

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