24 November 2020 | Updated: 21 July 2021


PORCELANOSA GROUP PROJECTS: A 'total white' home with infinite rooms featuring XTONE

This family home in East Islip (New York) unites all rooms under the same aesthetic with one of PORCELANOSA Group's Premium materials. 

The 'total white' property is located in Suffolk county (Long Island, New York). With an open-plan design that makes the most of the natural light and XXL rooms, this luxurious residence puts an end to partitioned zones through its interior design centred on marble and wood textures.


A bedroom sculpted in XTONE 

This open-plan space uses white as the predominant tone to bring all the rooms together as parts that form the whole, largely achieved by using the XTONE sintered mineral compact.

The master bedroom suite is the finest example of this infinite design. There, the Kala White Nature XTONE collection has been used as both flooring and wall cladding, connecting the bedroom area with the bathroom and dressing room. The three rooms are interconnected, with velvety textiles, glass sliding doors and bulbs hanging either side of the bed increasing this sensation of unlimited space.


Kala White

Taking inspiration from classic white marble, Kala White Nature reproduces the matt shine and the greyish veins of the rock, but with added durability thanks to its non-porous and waterproof properties and resistance to UV rays, scratches and blows.

The tiles from this collection also make for improved hygiene: they are sterile and easy to clean, and prevent the accumulation of fungi, bacteria and odours as well as adding brightness to homes.

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