19 February 2021 | Updated: March 8, 2022


Nantes post office gets a façade update with Krion® and improves its energy efficiency

Architect Charlotte Blanchet used the Porcelanosa mineral compact and technical solutions by Butech to modernise the aesthetic of this 1980s building.

A symbol of France's eclectic 1980s architecture, the post office in Nantes (France) has modernised its façade with the mineral compact Snow White 1100 EAST by Krion® and Butech's ventilated façade systems.



A bespoke design with Krion® sheets

To improve energy efficiency on its premises and integrate its symmetrical structure into the urban environment, architect Charlotte Blanchet from Sixieme Rue studio designed a façade with different blocks of windows overlapping each other, creating the effect of a geometric board made in Krion® panels. This sustainable and ground-breaking concept reached the finals of Porcelanosa's XII Architecture and Interior Design Awards in the Design of the Year category.

Butech's technical office also worked on this bespoke project. The company's team carried out extensive research into the technical and architectural characteristics of the building, developing a modular system on frames made in a cream hue created specifically for this building.

French construction company Bouygues also worked on the solution, fitting each piece of Krion® and preserving the original concrete structure of the office.

Because of the way in which the Krion® Snow White 1100 EAST mineral compact can be thermoformed, each piece could be perfectly made-to-measure, and will also improve insulation and reduce energy consumption.

Architecture: SIXIEME RUE / Charlotte BLANCHET Architect DPLG

Construction: BOUYGUES

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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