July 11, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group projects: penthouse in Gandía designed by A-cero

Rafael Llamazares and Joaquín Torres have succeeded in transmitting the personal style that characterises designs by architecture studio A-cero to one of their latest projects, a stunning penthouse on the shore of Gandía beach (Spain).The combined sitting room/dining room and kitchen is the heart of the apartment. Designed as an open space without walls that separate the different uses of the room, the triple functions of the space are defined using Krion®, the solid surface by PORCELANOSA Group.Just like a tree, the kitchen countertop, made from Krion® Snow White, runs from its base to the ceiling, which is also covered in the compact mineral by PORCELANOSA Group and was made without a single join by VF Aplicaciones. The kitchen is finished with furniture by Gamadecor and taps from the Next series by Noken.Sinuous lines run across the 70 square metre space, creating cracks that let the light break through. A lighting system that changes colour adds chromatic tones to the whiteness of the room.The organic-inspired flowing lines, one of the distinctive signs of A-cero projects, add a sculptural dimension to the sitting room/dining room, which is perfected by spectacular sea views.  Texturised walls in Krion® are used to mark out access to the different rooms, like screens formed from curved laminates.Other materials by the Group can also be found in the bathrooms, which are fitted with customised bathroom countertops and shower plates in Krion®. The bathrooms also use other products, such as Line bathroom fittings, Giro sink tapsshower jets from the Lounge collection (designed by Simone Micheli), and Seasons and Dindled rain showers , all by Noken.

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