January 5, 2021 | Updated: March 8, 2022


The Caohejing offices in Shanghai incorporate Krion® into their modernist structure

With a circular layout, this building defends the sustainability and client comfort with the PORCELANOSA Group Solid Surface.


A symbol of Shanghai‘s new architecture, the Caohejing offices by the GNP architecture studio combine design and sustainability on both levels.

A stairway to heaven built with Krion®

Connected by a white spiral staircase that revolves around itself and interrupts the grey hegemony of the building, this construction has incorporated the Krion® 1100 Snow White EAST (K-Life) compact mineral as a wall tile in this area and the main roof.

As it is a Solid Surface that is non-porous, light and anti-bacterial (it does not allow the proliferation of fungi or bacteria), its use improves the hygiene and safety of spaces such as this. In addition, the KEAST technology reduces environmental contamination by improving air quality.

Due to its thermocurving properties and its imperceptible joints, the envelope structure puts an end to divisions and plays with volumes and the upper and lower levels, lending a monolithic quality to the project. This creates the walkway that connects the two floors and seems to reach the sky.

A business centre where design, comfort, security and avant-garde design are conceived as a whole.

Photo: Mr Yao Jie


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