23 February 2021 | Updated: January 13, 2022


Mini Cuppa Tea Shop, a designer shop in China to enjoy tea

The architecture studio Raams has created a design retreat in Shanghai so that young and old alike can enjoy the ritual of a cup of tea.

A new corner dedicated to the ritual of a cup of tea has opened in the dense urban area of western Shanghai. Mini Cuppa Tea Shop is a project carried out by the architecture studio Raams in collaboration with Porcelanosa Group.

The interior design studio considered the creation of a white modular block system that frames the store in all its corners and creates a textured and flexible architectural interior.




A new corporate identity with Porcelanosa

Raams chose to use symbolism as an artistic expression and formulated a series of handmade visual messages in the more than 400 blocks installed in the tea shop.

The space highlights the limited variety of colours and the intense contrast between the white that surrounds the entire room and the blue of the furniture. A design that is accentuated thanks to the Bottega Acero collection from Porcelanosa, the general flooring used in this establishment that promotes this harmony between areas.

With the appearance of a cement floor, this flooring does not aim to be the centre of attention. On the contrary: it further intensifies the elements around it, but while adding a touch of elegance and simplicity.

Architecture: Raams Architecture studio

Design Principal: German Roig García

Senior Interior Designer: Chen Zhuoran

Project Architect: Jovana Petrovic FF&E

Director: Natalia Moreno

Photos: Raams Architecture studio & Alexis 牧一制作 Maki Make Concept Production

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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