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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Mesón Sancho, tradition and modernity in a single dish

With its history stretching back over 40 years, this Gijón restaurant combines local cuisine with the most cutting-edge culinary techniques thanks to the PORCELANOSA Group Premium collections.


After more than 40 years serving truly authentic Asturian cuisine, Mesón Sancho has opened a new restaurant on Calle de la Merced in Gijón, to delight the most discerning palates. The restaurant is maintaining its iconic menu (its grilled gizzard, marinara clams and tuna belly are famous throughout the city) and its techniques, but its corporate image is changing.

The coexistence between traditional and modern cuisine is seen in the interior design, as conceived by the AP Interiores studio with the PORCELANOSA Group collections.

The architect Arturo Pais has preserved part of the original structure of this building to assert the origins of Mesón Sancho. The stone walls and wooden beams, so characteristic of Asturian architecture, are complemented by upholstered textiles, aluminium and glass structures and hunting elements.

The past and future of the kitchen are united with HIGHKER® 

The interior design of this restaurant embodies the concept of less is more through sober yet futuristic decoration centred on high quality materials, the interplay of white lights and stone-inspired ceramics. This is the case with Bottega in the caliza colour from Porcelanosa.

Part of the HIGHKER range (large-format Premium ceramics), this collection plays a leading role in Mesón Sancho's gastronomic narrative, in which Asturias's meat and fresh fish define the identity of this place.

This dialogue between the sea and the mountains, between fishing and hunting, is encapsulated in each piece of Bottega, which, in addition to improving the safety and hygiene of the restaurant, provides greater luminosity through its beige tones and continuous design. This surface is defined by its resistance to high temperatures, impacts, scratches and chemicals, and its seemingly imperceptible joins create that sensation of infinite space.

Gold and stone bathrooms 

Conceived as a natural haven, the bathrooms of this restaurant combine sophistication and intimacy through the Porcelanosa Bottega collection used in contrast to the sintered mineral compact XTONE (walls and washbasin countertop) and the taps in gold finish. XTONE's marble-like quality enhances the cleanliness of the space thanks to its zero porosity, easy cleaning and 100% natural and recyclable composition.

Mesón Sancho combines the best of local Gijón cuisine with the most cosmopolitan design, and turns this Asturian household name into an international landmark.

Photo: Iván Morán García-Renduelles

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