6 October 2020 | Updated: March 8, 2022


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: A luxury chalet retreat in Santander

This single-family home designed by the MMIT Arquitectos studio stands out for its imposing two-storey façade and its warm interior design based on Porcelanosa's collections.


Part way between the Cantabrian Sea and the lush hills of Santander, this impressive two-storey property stands out for the interplay of volumes and the assertion of natural light through the PORCELANOSA Group Premium collections

An icon of new architecture

This reformulation of architectural classicism designed by the MIT Arquitectos studio is seen in the ventilated façade covered with Krion, where the two upper symmetrical cubes are united by a rectangular walkway. This Solid Surface enhances the luminosity of the property and improves hygiene due to its antibacterial qualities, its zero porosity, imperceptible joints and easy cleaning. For better acoustic insulation and energy efficiency, the architects installed an exposed anchoring system.

The compact sintered mineral XTONE with Butech solutions was used on the lower part of the façade. Inspired by Nero Marquina marble, this large surface reproduces the whitish veins and the brilliance of this rock, and its composition lends a majestic touch to the property and contrasts with the white of Krion and the wooden door. As it is resistant to water, UV, stains and impacts, XTONE offers greater security to outdoor spaces and it remains intact for longer. In addition, its simplicity reinforces the avant-garde design that combines glass, iron and wood with clean lines, making this façade an icon of new architecture.

A warm open-plan kitchen

In the shape of an island and open to the living room, the kitchen is one of the most remarkable rooms in the house. Fitted with the Delaware Nogal ceramic wood floor tiles, this area is designed for gastronomic enjoyment and communal living. This is seen in the Gamadecor Emotions E4.40 unit, located in the centre.

This open space brings an end to the traditional kitchen model thanks to the broad XTONE countertop, with also includes a Krion extension. A structure that is complemented by the bulb-shaped lamps and Gamadecor's Forest chairs, which transform the kitchen into a meeting place.

A wooden wine cellar and bar

The warmth that prevails in this area is also found in the living room, where the Delaware Nogal ceramic wood from PORCELANOSA (used throughout the house) and the Colorstuk Rapid Tabaco joining material from Butech unify the different rooms with the same design. This material is not only used as the general flooring throughout the property, but it is also the material that shapes the corridors and the wine cellar in the form of a natural cave that is annexed to the lower floor.

The elegance of this ceramic wood, which is resistant to average footfall, extreme temperatures and humidity, is used with the self-levelling spacers from Butech and the Wool Feel mosaic from L'Antic Colonial, which creates this moving wall effect and restores the handcrafted carving of the wood.
This collection introduces the private bar, where the high leather stools and white LED lights that frame the main bar create perfect harmony with the XTONE mural at the back.


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