March 14, 2014 | Updated: January 23, 2019


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Lido restaurant, Troon (United Kingdom)

One of Scotland’s best known designers, Jim Hamilton, was in charge of the design of the first Krion® façade in the United Kingdom for the Lido restaurant in Troon. The establishment belongs to Buzzworks Holdings which is owned by Colin Blair; a prominent businessman in catering. Among this catering group’s distinguishing benchmarks, it is known for the quality of the products it offers to the clients as well as the innovating design that characterises each one of its establishments.

Jim Hamilton chose Krion® once again for this project, after having used it masterfully in the Radisson Blu Mall of America Hotel. In this case, the solid surface by PORCELANOSA Group was used to create a backlit façade, attracting passers-by at first sight. However, the Porcelanosa Group compact mineral is used on both this establishment’s exterior and interior, Krion being the common denominator for the reception desk, bar, standing tables in the bar area, restaurant tables and the booths with circular upholstered seats.

The Group’s materials are also used in the bathroom design. The Zone Nature through-body porcelain flooring by Urbatek is also used in the toilets, combined with the Calacata Silver ceramic covering by Porcelanosa which imitates this precious marble’s surface. The XL Cube Basin in White and Silver and the sanitaryware by Noken, combined with Krion® countertops create very contemporary and practical bathrooms.

MGP Architects developed the technical part of the Lido restaurant whilst the Transition Interiors Ltd. company, headed by Stephen Brownlow (Managing Director), Kelvin Murray (Manufacturing Director) and Dave Leahy (Installation Director), were in charge of making this project happen.

Lido Restaurant, 11-17 West Portland Street, TROON ka10 6ab

Photos: Alun J Williamson, BRAW Creative

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