October 18, 2013 | Updated: October 18, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group projects: Krion® at Gerhardt Braun Gallery, Mallorca

The malleability and adaptability of Krion® make the use of this new generation solid surface by PORCELANOSA Group possible in all types of architecture and interior design projects, from modern ventilated façades to interior design projects and decorative elements, achieving innovating results like the Gerhardt Braun Gallery.Professionals at VF Applications are responsible for the assembly of the Krion® bar present in the art gallery Gerhardt Braun in Mallorca. A thermocurving technique was used to achieve the perfect curve for this counter of futuristic lines which ideally fits into the establishment’s existing space.The pureness of the white colour of Krion® Snow highlights the corporative logo: a circle with a green background and the letters “GB” in the middle. The logo is also backlit in order to enhance and achieve more vibrant results.White walls and furniture pieces were used to enhance the photography, sculptures and paintings that the gallery exhibits. The same colour was used for the Krion® counter in order to focus visitor’s attention on the suggesting shapes of the asymmetric design.

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