11 September 2020


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Junaid Residence, a sustainable and futuristic home in Silicon Valley

Malika Junaid and Junaid Qurashi designed the galactic style home with views of San Francisco Bay, featuring PORCELANOSA Group Premium collections.


Nestled in Los Altos Hills, regarded as one of the most privileged residential areas of Santa Clara (California), the majestic, futuristic and luxurious Junaid Residence.

Architect Malika Junaid - founder of Junaid Studio and winner of the Environmental Quality Award for developing the design of the most sustainable family home in the city of Menlo Park - designed her own home together with her husband, tech engineer Junaid Qurashi. The home blends sustainable and technological design with the area's natural surroundings.


The couple opted for PORCELANOSA Group Premium collections to achieve the residence's characteristic style. These pieces breathe life into the home's main rooms: the kitchen, living room, swimming pool and bedrooms.

A film-worthy exterior

With a bird's eye view, the imposing steel and glass façade blends into the surroundings, revealing the interior architecture of the house.

Spanning three levels, and enveloped by a landscape design that reflects the union of architecture and nature, the property features Concrete Black Nature flooring by Urbatek.  The flooring reaches from the exterior through to the interior living room which in turn leads to the swimming pool, providing visual continuity between the two areas.

A modern and sustainable kitchen

The kitchen not only stands out for its modernist style, but functionality and sustainability too. It features an island and worktop crafted in Krion™ K·LIFE, with a 100% recyclable surface creating a clean and healthy work space. The material ensures food can be handled safely thanks to its bactericidal nature, and its photocatalytic properties mean it purifies the air throughout the home.

The Lush White Polished ceramic flooring by Urbatek, inspired by marble with a polished finish, creates a mirror effect that enhances the luminosity of the kitchen, living room and adjoining passageways. This effect is created by the natural light filtering through the vast picture windows, one of the home's standout features.

Bedrooms that invite you to dream

The property's bedrooms open out to the exterior, affording stunning California views. To achieve the level of exclusivity the Junaids were looking for, the bedrooms of this super home were fitted with wood laminate floors, tailor-made for the project by L'Antic Colonial.

Photo: Peter Giles

Architects: Malika Junaid and Junaid Qurashi.


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