August 19, 2020


PORCELANOSA GROUP PROJECTS: IDS Abiana, an architectural paradise in Bangladesh

This luxury residential complex is located in the exclusive Baridhara neighbourhood (Dhaka) and its design, by architect Shatotto-Ar.Rafiq Azam, with interior design from Studio Morphogenesis, combines avant-garde and traditionalism with the Premium collections from PORCELANOSA Group.


Among the endless rows of embassies and diplomatic buildings clustered in the Baridhara neighbourhood (Dhaka, Bangladesh), this imposing nine-storey residential complex with a three-storey penthouse breaks with the homogeneous architecture that surrounds it with PORCELANOSA Group's Premium collections.

Esa convivencia entre tradicionalismo, ecología y vanguardia es obra del estudio de arquitectura Studio Morphogenesis (Ar Shahla Karim Kabir ,Ar.Saiqa Iqbal Meghna, Ar.Minhaz Bin Gaffar, Ar.Suvro Sovon Chowdhury, Ar.Bappy Shahriar) and distributed by Nupami Group, it represents the social openness of Bangladesh by means of green and cosmopolitan architecture.

An artistic skylight with Krion™

Resembling a kind of shelter, its imposing entrance is a continuation of the main structure, in which the volumes of each floor lead to a space with vegetation and water, demonstrating the union between humanity and nature.

On entering the property, a tiered skylight with the compact mineral Krion™ brings the different floors together, affording them greater amplitude and light. The various perforated circles in the structure let the light in from the outside and, in turn, create a unique decorative silhouette.

The compact mineral Krion™ is defined by its pure white colour and imperceptible joins that are highly resistant to impacts. This Solid Surface is also present in the bathrooms and worktops of the home thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Designed by Studio Morphogenesis, the transformation, execution and assembly was carried out by VF Superficies Solidas with the collaboration and supervision of Porcelanosa Associate-Nupami BD Ltd

The pure white that predominates in most of the rooms contrasts in an orderly manner with the Oxford Cognac collection from PAR-KER™, which is used for the walls and floors in numerous rooms, demonstrating the relationship that exists between the property and the natural environment.

A modular and sustainable kitchen

The kitchen blends with the rest of the rooms and features the minimalist units Emotions Buffet Forest e 6.90 in turmeric finish from Gamadecor. With a state-of-the-art system that includes Sil oak panels (from sustainably managed forests), this kitchen makes the whole property more dynamic thanks to its closing door system.

Purifying bathrooms for body and soul

The philosophy of "being like water" is present in the bathrooms of the property with the collections from Noken and the Dover, Ferroker, Madagascar and Marmi floor and wall tiles from Porcelanosa with the Butech Pro-Part decorative profiles.

The purity and force of water is embodied in the Arquitect toilets, Hotels, Lounge and Mood taps and the Ecolite or Almond bathtub, which reflect life in continuous regeneration.

This connection between water and land is demonstrated in the Krabi stone washbasins from L'Antic Colonial. The primitive forms recall those early stone sinks found in ancient temples.

An infinity pool with views of Dhaka

The rooftop of this property has an open-air infinity pool that overlooks Dhaka. The glass mosaic wall tiles from L'Antic Colonial contrast with the smooth textures of Oxford Antracita from Porcelanosa (PAR-KER™). The surface reproduces the grains and knots of aged oak and frames the Bend shower from Noken with the Treasures Mist Shannan Moon series from L'Antic Colonial.

The viewpoint that forms this room takes on a more intimate air with the Dover Arena floor tiles from Porcelanosa, inspired by natural limestone, creating a kind of oasis in the heart of the city without mirages.

Photo: ReBco Photography

Architecture: Shatotto-Ar.Rafiq Azam

Interiorism:  Studio Morphogenesis (Ar.Shahla Karim Kabir, Ar.Saiqa Iqbal Meghna, Ar.Minhaz Bin Gaffar, Ar.Suvro Sovon Chowdhury, Ar.Bappy Shahriar)

Contractor: IDS Address Maker

Krion fabricator: VF Superficies Solidas

Porcelanosa Associate-Nupami BD Ltd

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