November 13, 2020 | Updated: March 8, 2022


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Vivienda Mikado, a Japandi style apartment in the centre of Valencia

Designed by studio Binomio Arquitectura, this 150 m2 open-plan home blends the Scandinavian aesthetic with Japanese minimalism, using PORCELANOSA Group collections.


This stylish Japandi style apartment is located just a few metres from Valencia’s Colón Market and Turia Gardens. Designed by studio Binomio Arquitectura studio and based on an open-plan concept, Mikado’s rooms are inter-connected using PORCELANOSA Group collections.

With large picture windows opening to the exterior, the 150 m2 property blends industrial décor with minimalist wood structures to enhance the Japanese minimalist aesthetic seen in the furnishings, textiles, and floor and wall tiles.

An industrial style living-dining area

The infinite design is based on grey, white and black tones, with Porcelanosa collections providing unity between the different rooms. This can be seen in the Newport Gray Nature series used as flooring throughout, creating an eye-catching contrast with Rivoli. The way the two collections’ concrete and marble textures are blended together enhances the brightness of each space.

This limitless design, with no separation or division between the zones, was installed using Butech Flexitec Pro Blanco adhesive to safely secure each piece. That is the main structure of the living-dining area, with a wooden table that interrupts the homogeneity of grey, as do the white walls and kitchen taps Urban Stick by Noken.

Wellness bathrooms with a Zen aesthetic

Based on the natural spa concept, the property’s master bathroom is tiled in ceramic wood – Liston Oxford Natural (Par-ker™) to add to each zone’s high-specification look. The Zen aesthetic that is so conducive to personal well-being and bodycare is complemented by the eco-friendly taps – Round in matt black (Noken) and washbasin – Unique from Krion.

The combination of black and white represents the principles of Yin-Yang, where passive energy (Yin) is balanced by active energy (Yang) through light and shade, as projected by the wood and decorative elements.

With its total white design, the second bathroom features textured wall tiles, Nara Basic Blanco (White & Shapes by Porcelanosa) in contrast to the washbasin taps Round in a chrome finish, and shower – Oval in chrome finish, the wall-hung toilet Arquitect and the flooring – non-slip version Core White by Urbatek.

The tiles in this collection are inspired by concrete, and offer excellent resistance against high temperatures, moisture, blows and chemical impacts. A bathroom that brings ‘less is more’ and light together in perfect harmony.

Butech’s Shower Deck system and imperband sheets were used in the construction of the shower enclosures.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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