October 9, 2020 | Updated: January 13, 2022


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: A high-end property in Argentina

With two overlapping levels and a design that reformulates brutalist architecture, this 600 square metre residence, built by Cuadra Zaballa studio with interior design from Karina Vinocur incorporates PORCELANOSA Group's most natural collections.


Located in City Bell (La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina) and conceived as a reformulation of the traditional Argentinian garden suburb property, the 600 m2 construction combines brutalism and minimalist architecture with PORCELANOSA Group collections.

The work of architecture studio Cuadra Zaballa, with interior design by Karina Vinocur , this residence was designed to be an extension of the natural landscape surrounding City Bell. This has been achieved through accentuated volumes and a sober colour palette, unifying the interior and exterior with grey as the predominant colour.

Resembling a gigantic rock, the façade of the property uses Porcelanosa cladding to connect the lower and upper levels through the use of different textures.

Porcelanosa ceramic tiles will enhance the specification of every project thanks to their sophisticated design and simplicity.

Bathrooms as a homage to marble

The sober design of the façade runs through to the interior. There, primary colours are mixed with ultra-modern décor to draw visitors' attention to the construction materials. Origin and meaning in every room. This is true for the bathrooms, where the power of nature dominates with marble inspired collections by Porcelanosa.

The intention behind Cuadra Zaballa and Vinocur's concept was to value context over object. This is why they used the Gravity metallic mosaic by L'Antic Colonial as the star piece of the bathrooms, as well as the area behind the bar. Lounge taps by Noken provide the perfect complement.

Designed by architect Simone Micheli exclusively for the PORCELANOSA Group firm, the taps place function over form by means of clean, sinuous lines.

This defence of classic forms can also be seen in the L'Antic Colonial freestanding marble sink and Helsinky White decorative cladding by Porcelanosa.

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