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Santatecla Arquitectos defend the purity of geometry with Porcelanosa’s collections in this Alicante home

The house’s two levels are inter-connected by two monolithic rectangles that open to the exterior and create a single surface with large format tiles by PORCELANOSA.

In the form of some sort of Rubik’s cube, this two-level home located in Alicante is a prime example of the type of new architectural minimalism that celebrates purer rather than figurative forms.

Built by Santatecla Arquitectos architecture studio  and managed by Invercrea, neutral colours (grey and white) were chosen for the two rectangles that support the main structure, and large picture windows connect the interior with the exterior.

Nature and architecture make the whole

Following the classic principles of organic architecture, the property highlights the joint perspective between humans and nature, through infinite collections such as Bottega Caliza by Porcelanosa.

Inspired by the textures of concrete, the tiles in this series are defined by a matt finish and high resistance to extreme temperatures and moisture. The project architects valued these qualities highly, opting to use Bottega as the main exterior flooring and to establish a link between the swimming pool, sun terrace and hall, open to the garden.

A series that strengthens the resistance  of the Butech outdoor raised technical floor with a composition that allows for the creation of this totally flat, limitless surface that also makes each zone safer.

Rooms open to the outdoors

The minimalist aesthetic continues indoors with bright, open spaces featuring Ascot Teca ceramic wood by Par-Ker® (Porcelanosa) as flooring throughout.

The warmth of Par-ker® contrasts harmoniously with the simplicity and integrity of XTONE. This sintered mineral compact mimics the soft veins and colour palette of Marquina marble, and has been used on the suspended fireplace in the living room, creating a discreet division between the dining room and kitchen.

The latter room features an outstanding industrial aesthetic, with brown and black as the main tones. The island shape kitchen uses Emotions 4.90 Blanco Emotions Mate by Gamadecor to provide continuity from the main living room, and the concept of a communal space is further reinforced by the XTONE® natural stone worktop and high chairs that surround it, inviting you to rest or enjoy dinner together.

A colonial style update in the bathrooms

Starting with colonial style as a reference point, the property’s bathrooms stand out for their natural decor, centred around Par-ker® ceramic wood and the neutral tones of the Porcelanosa ceramic tiles (white, black and sand) that predominate in this zone, complemented by the On Top 3 Way washbasin by Krion y and Round taps by Noken. Butech’s adhesives and self-levelling spacers were used to unite each of the pieces with the home’s overall interior design.

In fact, the contrast between brown and black adds more light to the pure white of Krion®, a material that makes the space cleaner and more hygienic thanks to its resistance to blows, moisture and scratches coupled with its bacteriostatic nature.

Photo: Diego Opazo

Architect: Santatecla Arquitectos and Invercrea

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