January 10, 2014 | Updated: December 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Hotel Felicien, Paris

In the sixteenth district of Paris is one of the most glamorous and sensual hotels of the moment. The son of the famous fashion designer, Olivier Lapidus who is also an interior designer, was in charge of creating an environment by submerging the visitor in a world of travels and sensations as well as designing each and every one of the carpets, curtains and pieces of furniture, which gives personality to the place.

Among the other materials and products of the companies at PORCELANOSA Group, Olivier Lapidus used Krion®, the new generation solid surface developed by Systempool, thanks to its malleability and technical and aesthetic possibilities.

In the hotel lobby, the desk and reception wall are covered with a sculptural wall made from a succession of different length and layered Krion® sheets, achieving an outstanding effect. The bar is covered with black Krion® which contrasts with the lit strip underneath the countertop.

Each piece of furniture and element are minusciouslly designed to adapt to the different rooms. The taps from the Urban collection by Noken were installed in the bathrooms and personalised with the hotel’s logo. The walls incorporate fibre optic to create a soft light in the spaces. The Arquitect and Urban toilets as well as the Neptune rain effect shower heads and the Inox Mini and Contracts radiators by Noken complete the bathrooms.

Each hotel floor is different as if you walked through different periods. Black prevails on the first floor and white and blue on the last, passing through a chromatic variety and progressive materials on the rest of the floors. The coverings and floorings used were essential. They used the through-body tiles Cosmos and Max Black in a Nature finish by Urbatek, Crystal Cherry and White, Cubica Blanco, Sea Silver and Lavagna Blanco coverings by Venis, and the Firenze Nacar covering by Porcelanosa, exclusively for the Pearl Floor suites.

The designer has definitely played with the pure lines and the materials simplicity, reflecting a universe of a ‘couturier’; one of the hallmarks which make this hotel an admirable project.

For more information on this project, go to the Krion Solid Surface blog or the Lifestyle #22 magazine.

Photos: Serge Ramelli

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