January 3, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: hotel Chavanel, Paris

Located in the Madeleine quarter, in the heart of the historic centre of the French capital, in a bustling shopping street is the Hotel Chavanel, which has recently reopened its doors after several months of reforms carried out the architects Anne Peyroux and Emmanuèle Thisy. This renovation project breathes a touch of elegance, using materials which have superbly influenced the admirable results.

With 25 rooms and two suites in the attic, some of the products from PORCELANOSA Group are going to be witness to the stories that are kept within the walls of this charming hotel in the capital of love.

In the lobby, a superb reception desk for receiving visitors was designed exclusively for the hotel by Peyroux and Thisy. It is made with Krion®, the new generation solid surface developed by Systempool, which undoubtedly defines the space’s personality and contemporary style. An avenue of tree trunks splashes colour into the space, creating a cosy and modern space which is also impacting at first sight.

Krion® was also used for the backlit headrests; breaking away from pre-manufactured styles thanks to the materials versatility. On this occasion, Peyroux and Thisy have achieved a striking and different result, by using lace to decorate the headrest.

In the bathrooms, exclusivity was sought. Thus the Oxo ceramic coverings collection by Porcelanosa, a surface with a white relief which gives off a sensation of brightness and spaciousness, was used in the space where the worship to the body is the most important.

A careful selection of materials defining the identity of the Hotel, Chavanel blends modernity and warmth together; creating a space where you can feel at home in the centre of Paris.

Photos by Christophe Bielsa

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