9 March 2021


The architecture of the future lands in Montevideo with this façade by Porcelanosa

Studio Tanco brings the past and future of architecture together in this building featuring a V-shaped design made using the firm's advanced technical solutions.

Located on Avenida 18 de Julio in Montevideo (Uruguay) and just a few metres from some of the city's historic buildings (Ministry for Economy and Finance, the Gaucho Monument and the Subte Exhibition Centre), Torre Centra ushers in the future of architecture with collections by Porcelanosa.



A new vision of the architectural past

The renovation of its façade, the work of studio Tanco, Arquitectura & Desarrollos and Acher, retains the original structure upon which it is built and modernises its architectural sensibility with porcelain tiles - Berna River by Porcelanosa. Inspired by the texture and colour contrasts of natural stone, this sand coloured ceramic material has been used on the balconies (vertical) defending its recent past with a more modern aesthetic. 

The opaque pieces revolve around themselves updating the history of this building through some plays on volumes in which the ceramic stone from Porcelanosa and glass merge into a V-shaped design. This creates the effect of a "moving façade" , backit as the sun sets using LED strip lighting.  

Acho cutting-edge touch that has been achieved by applying Butech's technical solutions (Super-Flex S2, Colorstuk Rapid Cemento and concealed type I fixtures), which affix and integrate each tile with the other buildings ensuring in turn, the effective conservation ofthe urban heritage.  


Photo: Jose Pampín

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