26 March 2021 | Updated: January 14, 2022


Porcelanosa's collections on show at the Fundación Mutua de Levante

Alcoy's exhibition room updates its facilities with a monochrome continuous design with white and bespoke lighting to enhance the works of art on each floor.

The Fundación Mutua Levante in Alcoy has renovated its main exhibition hall with an open and bright design with white as the main colour. This was the intention of the Pic Arquitectura studio, to highlight the artistic backdrop and the works exhibited on each floor using the Porcelanosa collections.



Porcelanosa with young artists' work  

Understood as a space for the exhibition, dissemination and promotion of work by young artists, practicality and aesthetics were prioritised in favour of any other criteria in the extension of the facilities. As a result, it was necessary to leave spaces open, without any partitions or dividing walls, directing the focus of attention to each artistic piece.

An objective that was achieved with chromatic homogenisation (the entire room has been designed in white) and the incorporation of the Butech pro-skirting LED lights at the edge of the floor. A minimalist interior design that is reinforced with the Moon White Polished ceramic floor tile from XTONE. Its pure white hue adorns the geometric staircase leading to the lower level. This floor features the Bottega Acero floor tile from Porcelanosa in the exhibition area and the bathrooms, where Noken's fittings and taps stand out.

A line that is also followed in the conference room, where the Kingdom Persia vinyl flooring from L'Antic Colonial enhances the luminosity of backlit white walls and wooden armchairs, giving shape to this "capsule of knowledge" and art.


Construction: Cantó Obras SL

Photo: La Fábrica de Hielo Estudio

Lighting: Lámparas Especiales, S.L. and Project Light Design

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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