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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: New York from above

To see how the city has evolved, you just need to look at the façades of the most iconic buildings and pay attention to the materials and shapes that have defined New York architecture with PORCELANOSA Group as your guide.


The city of "extrahuman architecture. Of geometry and anguish", as described by Federico García Lorca in his verses, has its sociological autobiography recorded in its façades. They reflect the changes and ways of life of their fellow citizens in each of the five districts.

Talking about New York means talking about the Empire State Building, the Fuller Building, the Chrysler Building, the Dakota Building, Grand Central Terminal or Trump Tower. Within this forest of glass skyscrapers and high windows, where taxis, workers, street musicians and tourists move among the silence and the noise of the sirens to go through their particular routines, there are other buildings that have marked the evolution of New York throughout recent years with a more avant-garde and cosmopolitan architecture, designed with the PORCELANOSA Group collections.

321 White Ave., 24,000 square metres of ventilated façade

One of them is 321 White Ave. This 19-floor luxurious residential complex with 130 apartments in Brooklyn is the work of ND Architecture and Design, and it stands out for its imposing ventilated façade. Extending over 24,000 square metres, the main structure of 321 White Ave. incorporates PORCELANOSA Group's Ferroker Titano porcelain panels to improve its acoustic insulation and reinforce this sustainable architecture that seeks to combat climate change and the city's energy waste.

The involvement of the Deluxe Builders technical team was fundamental to shaping the façade and to ensuring the Porcelanosa envelope was correctly fitted in compliance with the architectural criteria of the project.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Brooklyn residential complex The Nevins, 73 luxury apartments

With 21 floors and 73 luxury apartments, built by the prestigious architects Issac & Stern, this building found the ideal texture and colour for the façade of The Nevins residential complex in the Concrete series and the Dover Arena porcelain panels from Porcelanosa Group. The installation of the façade was supervised by the GGL Enterprises team and the Butech technical department.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Photo: Imagen Subliminal

168 East 100th Street residential complex, a sharp contrast of textures

This 16-apartment residential complex designed by Yossi Melamed RA architecture studio. Reflects New York's cultural openness through the interplay of colours and textures that are concentrated on every floor.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

Photo: Imagen Subliminal

The ventilated façade of the building stands out for its large windows and the tiles in various grey tones with the Avenue White Nature and Avenue Grey Texture panels from Urbatek (Porcelanosa Group). This collection offers high technical performance and is resistant to high temperatures, impacts, scratches and UV rays. In addition, its granite appearance allows the building to integrate into the surrounding urban environment of the city.


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