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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Dune House, minimalist architecture’s awakening on the shores of the Mediterranean

The Rubén Muedra Architecture Studio restores this construction in a neutral style based on the PORCELANOSA Group’s premium collections.

With a minimalist style and an orientation to the exterior, Dune House features perfect views of Oliva Beach (Valencia), where dunes, the sea and architecture co-exist in one setting. This was the intention of the Rubén Muedra Architecture Studio, in collaboration with the construction company Nideker Houses, which has designed each of the structures in white using some of PORCELANOSA Group‘s premium materials.

Dune house 14

With history spanning over 80 years, this rectangular property has a surface area of 317 square metres and its hip roof enhances how it opens up to the Mediterranean without compromising on the privacy of the interior. “The architecture is nourished by light, views, the breeze, the sound of the waves, as well as the primary materials of the new construction. This enables the house and the Mediterranean to merge without constraints” states the Rubén Muedra study.


The importance of natural light

While the bedrooms and services are located in the north wing, the central corridor and the south wing feature the kitchen, the dining room and the living room. “The white exterior is extended to the interior vertical parameters and is only interrupted by the walnut blocks in the living room and kitchen” the architects explain.


Its open structure increases the light of the Mediterranean that seeps in through the windows and boosts the open-plan design based on natural textures and light shades, thus joining the interior with the exterior of the home. To achieve this continuity, the Muedra study has chosen Porcelanosa’s Maple Ascot collection, which is used here as the main floor tiles on the terrace.

Its colour and texture reproduce the grain of natural wood and blend flawlessly with the surrounding Mediterranean landscape. “The home extends to the west with a large white porch along the entire length of the facade, which is supported by slender steel profiles, thus guaranteeing the full benefit of the views. Between the porch and the swimming pool courtyard there is a large raised wooden platform that acts as a terrace-solarium”, states Muedra.

Minimal bathrooms

The minimalist style of the bathroom has been achieved with the Urbatek Lush White Nature wall tiles. This large-format porcelain tile is based on Carrara marble and its weak veins give the space greater sophistication. This is also the case for the marble-inspired Venis Rivoli wall tile, which is combined with the Round fittings in a chrome finish and a toilet from the Arquitect collection. Both pieces are from Noken and are established with refined and geometric lines with a resulting ‘less is more’ aspect. This is the case in every nook of this property, where subtlety becomes the best decoration.

Project: Dune House

Builder: Niedeker Houses

Architect: Ruben Muedra Architecture Study

Photographer: Adrián Mora Maroto

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